Sweets Deco Tutorials

A little bit of background: I used to own the blog Hikaria.com back when I was heavily into making clay miniatures and sweets deco items.  Time passed, interest waned, and now i’ve pretty much almost completely moved on.

I’m still super sentimental about all the hard work I put into my old website though, so I thought i’d move the tutorials here in my new home.  My old website is still there in case anyone prefers it – it’s not going anywhere.

For everyone who came to my website for sweets deco stuff: I hate to say this but I doubt my website will be updated with any more new sweets deco work :(.  That’s not to say i’ve abandoned the craft completely, but i’m just not as interested in it as before.  With that said, if you have any questions about how to do something or even if you want new tutes, drop me a line. I’m sure i’ve still got some knowledge somewhere in my ol’ brain!

The Tutorials:

Sweets Deco series:

  1. Part 1 – Getting Started
  2. Part 2 – Colouring Clay and Macarons
  3. Part 3 – Ice Cream
  4. Part 4 – Biscuits and Stick Wafers
  5. Part 5 – Putting it all together