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A Wardrobe Planning Epiphany for a Casual Girl

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Wardrobe planning

One of my 2014 informal resolutions is to get my wardrobe under control.  It’s out of control with clothes that I don’t seem to often wear, even though the amount of clothes I have is technically quite small.  In other words, I have pretty much been wearing the same two pieces of clothing every day for the past month (stripe shirt, skinny jeans, repeat). I’m not optimistic because I’ve had this resolution for the past 3 […]

Sewing a Work Wardrobe – Deer and Doe Airelle Blouse

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 I’ve been working for about 5 months now and I just noticed that I don’t have much of a work wardrobe.  I came home one day and said to my mum ‘I need more skirts… do you have any old skirts?’ and she said ‘why don’t you make one?’.  That was a good question, why haven’t I been sewing my own work wardrobe?  I spend 5 days of my week at work and 2 outside of […]