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How to sharpen a rotary cutter blade (temporarily)

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So, I am firmly team rotary cutter.  I own a pair of fabric scissors and I always think ‘oooh I’ll try this out’ but immediately go back to rotary cutters.  It’s just sooo much quicker. In fact, I am so team rotary cutter that I even sometimes cut paper patterns out with them… it’s naughty, but I just can’t stand how long it takes to cut with normal scissors!  The only problem is the blades […]

Sewing Tips – Organising your Sewing Projects and Stashbusting

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I’m sure many of you can relate, but I have a biiig stash of fabric that is sitting in my room.  And, like most people, it’s because I have a fabric buying problem. Still recently I managed to (sort of) conquer my stash.  The thing you need to know about my stash is it had everything.  It’s not just fabric I bought, it’s also leftover fabric, scraps, trims, everything.  I seriously just chuck it into this […]

Sewing Tip – Glue Sticks

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I’ve just finished a dress from Feminine Wardrobe but i’m going to wait for a sunny day before the big reveal so I can take some nice photos. Until then, i’m going to reflect on how useful the humble glue stick was to my sewing.  My favourite uses, in descending order of favouritism: 1. Use it to glue your selvedges together! I use a glue stick to stick fabric selvedges together prior to cutting.  It’s […]