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Grainline Alder Pattern Hack tutorial – removing the side darts and adding gathers

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I’ve got a pattern hack tutorial!  Now , I just want to say if you’re one of my readers who has never sewn before, I hope this tutorial doesn’t turn you off trying.  I just went back, looked at it, and realised it looks super daunting.  I hope this tutorial actually inspires you to take it up, because look at how much shit you can do when you make your own clothes! I’ve already talked […]

Merry Christmas from tifftoffee! Free printable imperial to metric sewing conversion chart

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  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever, the point is, Christmas is here and celebrations and gifts are in order!  Other people might be more talented and giving cool freebies like free clothing patterns or whatever, but all I have is this sewing conversion table.  If you’re like me and living in metric land and finding imperial measurements confusing, this may be for you!  It includes common imperial seam allowances and their metric equivalents, plus some […]

How to sharpen a rotary cutter blade (temporarily)

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So, I am firmly team rotary cutter.  I own a pair of fabric scissors and I always think ‘oooh I’ll try this out’ but immediately go back to rotary cutters.  It’s just sooo much quicker. In fact, I am so team rotary cutter that I even sometimes cut paper patterns out with them… it’s naughty, but I just can’t stand how long it takes to cut with normal scissors!  The only problem is the blades […]

Sewing Tips – Organising your Sewing Projects and Stashbusting

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I’m sure many of you can relate, but I have a biiig stash of fabric that is sitting in my room.  And, like most people, it’s because I have a fabric buying problem. Still recently I managed to (sort of) conquer my stash.  The thing you need to know about my stash is it had everything.  It’s not just fabric I bought, it’s also leftover fabric, scraps, trims, everything.  I seriously just chuck it into this […]

Sewing Tip – Glue Sticks

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I’ve just finished a dress from Feminine Wardrobe but i’m going to wait for a sunny day before the big reveal so I can take some nice photos. Until then, i’m going to reflect on how useful the humble glue stick was to my sewing.  My favourite uses, in descending order of favouritism: 1. Use it to glue your selvedges together! I use a glue stick to stick fabric selvedges together prior to cutting.  It’s […]