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Japanese craft books – I bought some

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Craft books!  I’ll just let the eye candy talk on my behalf: “I Love Tops” by Yuko Takada.  I’m not super sure about the overall versatility and wearability of a lot of these tops, but they look adorable on the models.  Also it’s nice to see COLOURS in a Japanese sewing book. That “sleeveless flare blouse” is heavenly though, but I don’t relish sewing those pleats. “Kaze Kobou’s Marine Knits” is a knitting/crochet book.  I […]

“Handkerchief Hem Sundress E2” – Feminine Wardobe by Jinko Matsumoto

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Confession time: Animal Crossing was released on Saturday and it has completed killed off my sewing mojo.  I am now too busy hanging out with my animal buddies while making sure there are enough plants in my virtual town to ensure a 100% mayor approval rating.  Like, i’ve been sewing a Sorbetto for days now, and most people seem to agree that top only takes 3 hours from cutting to completion.  My productivity is so low.  […]

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Sewing books! I love sewing books! I recently got four more and I took pictures of them! Such is my love for sewing books. Especially Japanese sewing books – I love them to bits. I will put up detailed reviews when I make more things from them, but I do have initial thoughts: “Stylish Dress Book” and “Stylish Dress Book – Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops”, both by Yoshiko Tsukiori, are not the same book. […]