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Scout Tees and Social Sewing Shenanigans

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Oh my gosh I have a lot of clothes to photograph and show everyone.  I’ve decided to show this one first because of Red October because October is nearly over and I need to get my stuff together. So the about the tee – I got this beautifully soft drapey cotton knit from the Fabric Store.  When it was on the bolt I thought it was good ol’ horizontally striped fabric until the shop clerk pointed out the […]

Self-drafted Boatneck T-shirt

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completed / self-drafted / Sewing

I am an easily scared person and I take very little risks in life.  Apparently when I was a baby my parents never needed to block the stairs off because I wouldn’t go anywhere near the stairs.  My idea of a risk is to not let the kettle completely boil before making tea sometimes if i’m impatient – I might end up with weak-ish tea!  It’s a real risk! So, sewing with a knit fabric […]