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Colette Zinnia skirt in black and white gingham

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Unrelated/kind of related story to the post:  in keeping with my 2014 ‘I will only sew clothes that are my style’ resolution, I recently did a full clean of my wardrobe.  Like full on, three giant bags of clothes have been donated, clean.  I sewed this skirt before I finished that clean, and then after cleaning I found out that I am apparently severely allergic to colour, and then I sort of looked at my […]

Holiday Fashion – Black and White Sorbetto

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Recently, as if these two bloggers were mind readers, both Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and Jenny from Bobbins and Whimsy posted about sewing for your style and sewing a functional wardrobe.  I recently went on this holiday and as I was packing for it, I realised that I am not being true to my own style.  I have a tendency to buy and sew what I want to wear, but not what I […]

Finished Colette Hawthorn – plus some mistakes on the Hawthorn pattern

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Well, my Hawthorn is finished before schedule!  I sewed 13 buttonholes and survived to tell the tale. I ended up sewing the skirt anyway – I sewed it the way you normally would, right sides together.  Then I chopped off the bottom to even out the hem.  This means that all my skirt seams are sewn bias to straight grain which is causing some weird drape issues to happen.  I am just so glad I […]

Mini Review – Clover Chaco Liner, Plus Hawthorn is Chugging Along

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Two weeks into work and i’ve decided I don’t want to be an adult anymore!  Full time work is hard.  I really should’ve appreciated uni life more while I was still able to sleep during class without repurcussions.  Speaking of sleep, that’s pretty much I all do nowadays outside of work because I am so exhausted.  Zzzzz.  I’m sorry I haven’t been reading anyone’s blogs, either.  I’ll get back to it soon!  I just need […]

Hawthorn Sew-Along – Pretty Fabric and I Hate Muslins

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The Hawthorn Sew-Along is up to choosing fabric and making a muslin. I’ve decided to keep it simple and use a cotton lawn from my stash.  I only have 2.7m of this which is enough for the bodice, skirt, and smaller facings of the dress.  I will have to cut my front facing out of a different fabric.  The collar is going to be made out of a solid cream, and i’m still contemplating whether […]