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Still cleaning like crazy

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Ugh work has been so super, super stressful lately.  Home life isn’t much better with family drama, so it’s a rock and a hard place for me these days. Because of this, I haven’t been sewing much.  When I sew, I think a lot, and it makes me dwell on a lot of unhappiness and it often just makes me feel worse.  So I’ve just been cleaning a lot again because I find cleaning cathartic. I’m selling […]

25th Birthday

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Well it’s a quarter of a century today. When I was 24 I got a job (a one month job that I have been very lucky to have been extended to one year now!) and got engaged. I’ve had fantastic friends, family, coworkers and dogs (well, one dog) behind me. So here’s to hopefully a fantastic 25 years old :). I hope 25 will be just as good.      

On my sewing table + life stuff

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Happy (late) 2014! Sorry I haven’t been super duper active online these days.  I haven’t really been doing anything for a while.  The Australian Open is on and my life goes completely on hold when tennis is on TV. My 2014 so far: I’m a watch wearer now, I recently became obsessed with washi tape and I’ve watched tennis non-stop since the beginning of the year.  I’ve also gone back to using my toy cams.  These […]

Rough Week

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Oh boy. So in my last post I was all like ‘sewing mah work wardrobe!’ right?  Well, this week, I found out I won’t have a job after January-ish.  So… definitely bummed.  My contract runs out and it won’t be renewed.   It’s not fun being Tiff right now… It also hasn’t been a great sewing month for me.  I had planned to sew a Reglisse and a Zinnia with some Spoonflower fabric I made […]