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Still cleaning like crazy

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Ugh work has been so super, super stressful lately.  Home life isn’t much better with family drama, so it’s a rock and a hard place for me these days. Because of this, I haven’t been sewing much.  When I sew, I think a lot, and it makes me dwell on a lot of unhappiness and it often just makes me feel worse.  So I’ve just been cleaning a lot again because I find cleaning cathartic. I’m selling […]

Cleaning out all my makeup

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It’s June and I’m moving at the end of the year and getting married next May (which includes sewing my dress and DIY-ing all my invitations and decorations). PANIC. So I thought I’d start extra early on cleaning stuff out for easier moving later, starting with my makeup.  I have makeup that is years old which needs to go.  The problem is I always get emotional with my stuff, especially the stuff with cute packaging, so […]