Completed – Grainline Moss Skirt in Red Ikat

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Hello everyone.  Sorry I’ve been so absent, there’s just a lot going on in my life right now.  In easily condensed bullet point form:

  • I have a wedding to plan for by May next year.  Thankfully I decided to be posh and hired a planner because…
  • I need to make my wedding dress and two bridesmaids dresses by May next year because I decided this is a good idea.
  • I am moving in December.
  • My contract is ending so I am looking for a new job.

In addition to all that my last 3 sewing projects have all been un-salvageable failures, so it’s really knocked around my blogging motivation.

Anyway I went fabric shopping to cheer up and picked up some lovely medium weight Ikat cotton fabric.  Next thing you know, I had a Moss Skirt in my hands (and a blue Wiksten tank, but that’s for another post).

Red Ikat Grainline Moss Skirt - Front Pattern: Grainline Studio’s Moss Mini Skirt

Size: 2, though my measurements were actually for a size 4.

Fabric: 100% cotton medium weight with a silk/cotton blend underlining.

Red Ikat Grainline Moss Skirt - Back

I made a few modifications to the pattern.  The main one is probably completely omitting the front center seam because I wanted a quick sew and didn’t want to match patterns.  I’m happy with this decision because the mismatched back does annoy me.  I added the zipper to the back center seam so I can get my skirt on.

I also found fit to be a bit of an issue (and still is).  I made a muslin and I found size 4 to gape a lot at the waist, and it fit ok throughout the hips.  I went down a size and it’s now a tad tight around the hips but not awful, but still gaping a bit at the waist especially when I sit down.


I also wanted to make a lining for the dress but didn’t want to add more complexity to the pattern since I already had three failed projects under my belt.  I think a fourth one would’ve turned me off sewing forever!  So I decided to underline for comfort, and I think it’s my newest favourite technique ever.

Overall I’m happy with my Moss, and I think Grainline is now by far my favourite pattern company ever.



  1. I definitely give you props for making your own dress and your bridesmaids dresses!! Also, this skirt is super cute! Can’t wait to see what you have next!

  2. Great skirt, the fabric is really cool! Best of luck with your job search and your move :) And I think you’re right to get a pro on board for the wedding planning, especially when you’re making the dresses!!

  3. My boyfriend and I just bought a flat, and I started a new job at the same time, so I can imagine how you feel. Good luck with the job hunt, wedding and move!! It’s great that you found time to make your awesome new skirt :)

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