Stuff I didn’t think I could do

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Gardening / Knitting


I’m knitting!

Knitting is a big deal for me because I’ve been trying to do it since I was 16 and I keep failing at it.  I fail to finish projects and I fail to understand written patterns.  I even wondered if I could honestly just be some rare breed of human on earth who could not knit.

Well, turns out, about ten years later, I figured out I can knit.  It just takes a bit of patience (not my strong point) and a bit of forgiveness for small mistakes (NOT MY STRONG POINT).


I’m determined to finish this throw (using very fine 4ply yarn which means I have ten million rows to go) ASAP because a) I don’t want yet another unfinished knitting project and b) I’m slightly over the colour combo I chose for it which is another reason why stuff ends up unfinished.  That’s why I’ve been pretty much absent from blogging.  I don’t have time to blog!  I work, then knit.



I’m also gardening, which is another thing I didn’t think I could do.  Although, I’m still not sure I can because I am pretty sure I’ve accidentally killed my basil.  And my nasturtiums aren’t exactly thriving (websites say they literally thrive on neglect!!).  This is a work in progress…











  1. Woooww! Your knitting is so super 10x more complex than anything I’ve ever tried. Patterns! Multiple colors! Large size! It just looks so awesome. Now you’re inspiring me to get back into knitting again, especially with the winter months approaching.

    • Thank you :). I thought I should try to challenge myself. This one took a few tries before I got the pattern down pat. You should definitely get back to knitting, I need a buddy!

    • Thank you so much :). I was selective about which bit of the knitting I photographed though, it’s not neat all around :P.

    • Thank you! Also I’m not sure if I have the patience yet either… I haven’t finished yet :(!!

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