I love Grainline Archer shirts

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Two Grainline Archer shirts - green cotton flannel and polka dot chambray


When I first started sewing, I always wondered what would be that pattern that I would use over and over again.  It’s interesting because when I first started I thought a gorgeous dress (maybe  Colette’s Hawthorn?) would be that pattern, but I was totally wrong.  It was a time when I wasn’t very clear on my style.

Turns out I love button down shirts, and I’ve made 4 Grainline Archers to date.  My two most recent ones is a green cotton flannel one and a polka dot chambray one.  I love them so much.  I haven’t got any photos of the flannel because it needs a good ironing, and I can’t be bothered to iron.


I have made extensive modifications on the Archer because the original boyfriend-y cut of the shirt really drowned my petite figure.  I generally prefer a more slim cut button down shirt.  So I cut one size smaller than the recommended, shortened the shirt by about 2.5 cm, shortened the sleeve by about 3cm, and drafted more of a waist (took in about 1.5cm on each side at the waist).  I think for my next shirts I’m going to take the pleats out of the sleeve because I like the look of a slimmer sleeve.

I’ve also stuck with my resolution to try to sew more basics.   These are probably a bit too colourful for basics, but the silhouette is a staple in my wardrobe, and plus I’m finally using up a lot of fabric in my stash.


A tip if you plan on sewing a ton of shirts: get a stitch in the ditch foot (also called edgestitch/joining stitch foot) for your machine.  I got one and that is how I get the ridiculously neat narrow topstitching on the plackets.  Best foot purchase ever.




  1. Gorgeous! I love it! I’ve been put off this pattern a little by the boyfriendy-ness, but yours are inspiring me!

    • If you have a favourite RTW shirt like I do, I just compared what’s different with the Archer with my favourite shirt and made the changes there. But I found the Archer has very little waist definition so that’s probably the biggest way to add a bit of femininity to the shirt.

  2. dreamingaboutdressmaking says

    I love these shirts, the fabrics you have chosen are just the kind I would go for! I think I might have to look into buying this pattern! X

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