Coco Top #2 – Red striped colourblock

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This is my second Coco by Tilly and the Buttons which I actually made a while ago now.  I’ve just been super lazy with completed sewing posts.

This is my proudest top yet.  The whole top is made from my fabric leftover stash so super economical too.


I just hate how bra straps are so visible in boatneck shirts though.  I love a good boatneck but bra straps are just tacky.



Pattern wise, most of the details can be found in my first Coco post.  I did shorten the top by about 2cm for my 160cm body and took approximately 1.5cm off the width of the hem so it didn’t flare out as much.  That was mostly because I didn’t have enough fabric to accommodate the full hem, but I think it looks better this way too.




  1. Gorgeous! Love the colour and the striped yoke. The boatneck versus bra strap situation drives me crazy too but seeing your photos makes me realise that it actually looks fine to have them just peep out, especially when they match the top!

    • Awww nah I still don’t like them. I’m going to bring in the boatneck a little next time I make this. Thanks for the lovely comments :).

    • Take the plunge!! I live in knit tops too, I barely wear wovens so I forced myself to just embrace the knit. It’s not as bad as you think, trust me!

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