Mini review of all my sewing marking tools

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Every time I go to a sewing store, I leave with some sort of marking tool.  It’s like every time I go out, I take nail polish home with me.  It’s a mystery of life.

I figured I’d write a mini review of every marking tool I own since I have so many.

1. Clover ChacoPel marking pencils:

These are a recent addition to my pencil collection.  These are great and incredibly pigmented.  The only thing that annoys me is they’re quite soft so they wear through quickly and need to be sharpened often.

They’re also a tad pricey too at $12 for a pack of 3 here in Australia.

IMG_20140518_132607 IMG_20140518_132313

2. Clover Chacopel – Water Soluble Type

The point of these is you can use water to erase markings made with this pencil, but I think they’re the same as the normal Chacopels.  They don’t seem any more easily erasable with water.  The water solubles seem a touch softer than the normal Chacopels.  I think the only big difference between the two is the water solubles look cuter with their polka dots.

IMG_20140518_132949 IMG_20140518_132805

3. Clover Chaco Liners

My favourite marking tools ever.  I talked about them here.  They’re chalk filled cartridges dispensed by a very fine chalk wheel.  I love the precision and pigmentation.  The downside is they’re so expensive at $17.95 AUD at Spotlight, but the cartridges are refillable.

IMG_20140518_133223 IMG_20140518_133447

4. Daiso Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen

These are fantastic!  There are tons of water erasable markers out there, but none of them for just $2.80AUD.  Plus they’ve got finer points than most brands which is awesome.  The only downside is they don’t work on dark fabrics (no ink based pen would) but they’re sometimes a bit too pigmented on light fabrics and will bleed through.  You can’t press these with an iron either – if you do, it’s very, very difficult to get the markings out.


5. Sewline Styla Pen

Like the Daiso one but much fancier and more expensive.  This one is lighter in pigmentation but I think this is intentional to avoid the bleed through effect.


6. Daiso Handicraft Pen

This thing is terrible.  I don’t understand it.  The package says it dispenses chalk to mark on dark fabrics, but in reality it’s inky and doesn’t mark anything.  Awful.




My very favourite is probably the Clover Chaco Liners but to be honest, I mark with whatever is around.  I just like to collect these things for fun, but sometimes I just use 2B pencils.



    • I have to admit, I do only also buy cutesy looking pencils. Who can resist polka dots?!

      Thank you so much for the award nomination :)!

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