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Nostalgic stuff

This is a non-sewing post, and probably not going to mean a lot to most of my readers.  But I’m feeling nostalgic and I can’t shake it.

Recently one of my favourite blogs (heck I might as well just call it my favourite blog since I’ve been reading since 2005) talked about blogs changing and whatnot. Someone in the comments started talking about ol’ fanlistings and blinkies and all the relics of the 2000’s blog scene, and good ol’ nostalgia just went into overdrive.  I haven’t been able to shake the feeling since this morning.  I’ve also been replaying the re-mastered  Final Fantasy X remake which has not helped with the nostalgia at all.  This was my life back in high school.  I never studied much, but I pretty much lived for Photoshop and really basic web design.

With that said I just want to take a very selfish tour of my blogging history (very selfish because I can’t imagine this being interesting to anyone other than me) until today.  I sort of want to do it to move on as well.  It sounds ridiculous but I do get very sad thinking about how owning a website and blog has completely changed now.  The change is, to be honest, really for the better because people can actually learn stuff from today’s blogs.  Back in the day (and you’ll see) I used to just write really inane, wanky, and insufferable 15 year old shit.  Still, there’s something to be said for the extreme narcissism of the teenage blogs of yesteryear.  The thing I probably missed the most were the ever changing layouts though which were as complicated as heck.

I saved a lot of stuff from wayback when, so I’m just sharing the abridged version.  Holy heck I don’t even remember doing half this stuff – like apparently I ran an abacus adoption site!



This was my first saved layout for my old personal website ‘Hikaria.net’. I lost a lot of my very early layouts from before 2004.  It features Lulu from FFX because my life was literally that, Photoshop, and MSN messenger.  Looking back I have to say I’m surprised that I chose Lulu, I did not even like her!


Then there was this Naruto layout from when Naruto was super relevant and I had a crush on an anime character.  This layout is so generically 2000’s personal site that I am in nostalgia overdrive right now.

(PS can you believe Naruto is still going right now?!)


Probably the only useful thing I did at the time was make free Photoshop brushes for people to download which were actually a hoot.

… glassydefaultclapdefaultokdefaultsad and made a shit ton of these ‘kao ani’ graphics which were also a hoot.

abacusAnd I apparently had an abacus adoption website that I can’t even explain.



Then everything became a bit more subdued…


And then Hikaria.net pretty much closed down for me in grade 11.


Then a blogging friend of mine hosted my site on her personal website (back in the days when we applied to be hosted on other people’s sites!)

This post was actually from 2007 when I was in first year uni, which surprised me.  I thought I had stopped blogging like this well and truly in high school.  Either way I don’t think I continued for long and took a very long break from blogging.

I then took up sweets deco and blogged about it at hikaria.wordpress.com which is still there.  It became known as a blog specifically for sweets deco, which I didn’t want.  I wanted to blog about a lot of different stuff, so I decided to make another blog and ‘rebrand’ myself.


…which became known as the short-lived ‘One Dessert, Please’.

Then uni took over and I didn’t like sweets deco anymore.  I decided to just give it all up again until last year, when I realised I just can’t stop blogging, and returned.




Looking back, my biggest, biggest regret is giving up so many blogs to ‘start anew’ because I was scared people wouldn’t like me changing the focus of my blog.  But I’ve decided I blog for myself now for the pure enjoyment of it, and if it means one day I’m going to take people on a super narcissistic journey of my blogging life and the next day i’ll be posting very informative reviews on sewing marking tools (spoiler alert), so be it. I just want to blog.







  1. I still can’t believe Naruto is still going! haven’t read the manga in ages, I have no idea what’s been happening, nor do I remember where I left off. lmao

    As for blogs changing, I totally understand – I had a LiveJournal for nearly 8 years, grew tired of it, deleted it, and moved to tumblr. Then I got tired of my main account (an art blog), but still kept my sweets decoden blog, and I recently started a visual novel coding blog. I started my WordPress blog last year, and it’s been going strong as the one place where I can write about whatever I want. :)

    • Last time I check the plot just went insane off the rails! An 8 year LJ is amazing! I only had mine for a month lol! Where is your sweets deco blog? I’d love to look at it!

      • Oh my gosh, “insane off the rails?” Now that I need to catch up on! XD

        Indeed! After one of my friends waaaay back in middle school told me about it, I made an account, and kept it until a year or two ago, I think. It was pretty fun while it lasted – full of memories! (Now I’m getting nostalgic! lol)

        Here is my sweets deco blog: fauxsweets.tumblr.com

        I hope you like it! ^^

      • I know that tumblr!! I didn’t know you own it! It’s the ultimate eye candy for me :). Thank you so much for keeping such a great blog on sweets deco.

      • Oh my gosh really? Thank you! That means a lot! I kept tabs with your sweets deco blog, Hikaria, and I loved your work there! ^^

  2. Fiona says

    I can totally relate to this post – I also spent a lot of my teenage years in front of the computer designing layouts for my personal blogs! I’m not very creative/design oriented though so my stuff tends to be really simple, but I was in awe of those like you. I stopped blogging around 2005-2006 and focused on LiveJournal after that. Then I stopped after people slowly stop using LJ, and I had a brief period where I did a food blog but now I no longer blog or do any web design anymore. I kind of miss it, but then again the scene is different now like you said; people don’t do fanlistings or make graphics like kao ani’s or those animated tiles with people’s names on them.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your layout history and getting me all nostalgic too!

    • That’s ok I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m loving the stories from everyone about the LJ days too, never forget haha. You should get back to it, I think there’s still a little pocket of readers out there for a little personal blog :).

  3. Haha yesss! I can totally relate. And I’ve been following Jenny too. She’s been so consistent while I’ve been jumping around since I started college.

    But I can definitely relate to everything you said. I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad that some of my stuff from middle school have disappeared. I would love to see and read those old entries again, but they can also be really embarrassing to be floating around on the internet. 12 year old me was really moody and weird…with lots of anime crushes… Some high school stuff are still around somewhere. Some college stuff is saved somewhere but not linked to my current blog.

    Blogs are growing into a more professional field where people can actually have it as their full time job without being a corporate blogger. Personal blogs are less popular since they have to compete with a bunch of specialty blogs that offer more content to the readers rather than what the blogger ate that day. However, I like the small community that personal bloggers share with each other.

    • Her consistency is what I envy the most!

      You know I felt the same as you, about two years ago I was so embarrassed by my old stuff that I just wanted to delete all my old stuff off my computer! I am so glad that I didn’t though because I’ve lost tons of stuff and I now really miss it. I am so annoyed the Wayback Machine doesn’t save images :(!

      I like the small community feel of personal blogs too. I treat my blog like a home to decorate and add to. But yeah like I said, specialty blogs are pretty great because you’d actually learn something from reading one. I don’t think anyone would learn anything from my personal rants :)!

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