Month: May 2014

Mini review of all my sewing marking tools

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Every time I go to a sewing store, I leave with some sort of marking tool.  It’s like every time I go out, I take nail polish home with me.  It’s a mystery of life. I figured I’d write a mini review of every marking tool I own since I have so many. 1. Clover ChacoPel marking pencils: These are a recent addition to my pencil collection.  These are great and incredibly pigmented.  The only […]

Feeling freakin’ nostalgic

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Nostalgic stuff

This is a non-sewing post, and probably not going to mean a lot to most of my readers.  But I’m feeling nostalgic and I can’t shake it. Recently one of my favourite blogs (heck I might as well just call it my favourite blog since I’ve been reading since 2005) talked about blogs changing and whatnot. Someone in the comments started talking about ol’ fanlistings and blinkies and all the relics of the 2000’s blog scene, and good […]