Completed Project – Red Sweater Coco

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I really wanted to blog today, but I’m suffering serious writer’s block so I’ll just cut to the chase with dot points.

Coco, Tilly and the Buttons by tifftoffee OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Tilly and the Buttons Coco by tifftoffee OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pattern: “Coco” by Tilly and the Buttons

Size: 2

Version: dress version without embellishment

Fabric: 100% cotton double layer knit by Marc Jacobs

There’s nothing much to say about Coco that hasn’t been said.  It is easy peasy instant gratification personified in a clothing pattern.  This is the perfect pattern for a beginner (even if it is a knit pattern) because using a stable, not-so-stretchy knit means you’re pretty much sewing with a fabric that feels kind of woven without needing to worry about fit issues.  You don’t have to worry about darts or whatever because the knit will fit you.


I finished my hems with a twin needle (my new machines works fantastic with twin needles by the way!!) and sewed the dress up with an overlocker.  It is completely possible to sew knits with a sewing machine though, so don’t let that put you off.  The pattern teaches you how.

The other great thing about Tilly’s pattern is that the pdf pattern is a modest number of pages at 31 which is managable. I love pdf patterns over physical ones because I would give anything to not TRACE patterns (I hate it so much), so pdfs give me to option print over and over and cut when needed. The problem obviously lies in the huge number of pages required for printing, but Coco is manageable.

Lastly the fantastic photos were taken by my fiance.  Go check out his blog if you love photos.





    • Thank you very much :). Red is a bit vibrant for my usual black/white taste, but I’m glad people think it looks good on me.

  1. How talented! I really want to get into sewing eventually. The dress looks super cozy. I love it!

    • Thank you! You totally can get sewing, just start and you won’t be able to stop like me :P.

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