Japanese craft books – I bought some

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Craft books!  I’ll just let the eye candy talk on my behalf:

“I Love Tops” by Yuko Takada.  I’m not super sure about the overall versatility and wearability of a lot of these tops, but they look adorable on the models.  Also it’s nice to see COLOURS in a Japanese sewing book.




That “sleeveless flare blouse” is heavenly though, but I don’t relish sewing those pleats.

“Kaze Kobou’s Marine Knits” is a knitting/crochet book.  I do not have the skills for any of these knits right now but I can dream right?


IMG_20140302_122531 IMG_20140302_122521


Lastly, “My Favourite Shirt” by Machiko Kayaki (side note: I’m so glad all these books included romanised names for the authors, saves me the hassle of reading Kanji!) is not as glamorous as the other books.  Dare I say it looks a little… old lady.  BUT it does feature a few patterns for sleeveless buttoned shirts which I pretty much live in.  I’ve noticed that no indie pattern company seems to be giving sleeveless buttoned shirts the love which I feel it deserves.



Anyway stay tuned for these items to be sewn up sometime within the next decade.  I have to admit, I am awful at sewing from sewing books because of the pattern tracing involved… can’t be bothered…



  1. Haha, I am the same way, buying books and hopeful to sew something from them within this decade. I have the I Love Tops book too – I love the styling and the patterns in it

  2. I love Japanese books, but I use to buy them and then left them on the side. But one of my blogg friends got the same one as I did and we are now making some patterns together. So much more motivating!

  3. Uff, så forferdelig! Ikke bare miste ett barn, men tre. Noe så grusomt. Det er mange eksempler på episoder som får oss til å tenke, og ikke ta samme risikoen.

  4. Do get something in writing, even just a signature on the existing contracts. Some companies will charge you a fee for changing the date, so make sure you know what’s going to happen… you don’t want any surprises after the wedding.

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