Happy birthday, sewing machine! A Janome DC2050 review

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Sewing Room

Last year, I decided I wanted to sew seriously again.  I have always loved making things with my hands, but wanted a craft that was really practical.

Unfortunately my old sewing machine was pretty terrible…

Janome MS2008 - ol' crankypants

I love this machine for sentimental value, but it was terrible…

I don’t think cheap sewing machines necessarily mean bad sewing machines, but mine was terrible.  The bobbin thread would often snap and I spent more time rethreading than sewing.  I don’t know whether I just didn’t thread it right or whatever, but I had a lot of trouble with it.  Thankfully it’s found a loving home somewhere else.

So I decided the first thing I needed to do was get a new sewing machine, and I got this:

Janome DC2050 in box

In the box one year ago…

And… my beloved sewing machine turned one year old yesterday!

Janome DC2050 review

Happy Birthday!!!

I love this little machine.  I don’t need anything fancy because I’ll never embroider or applique or do anything super fancy with my machine.  All I want is a needle threader, one-step buttonhole, stretch stitch, decent price, and a decent looking design.  This machine fits all that criteria.  I didn’t necessarily want a computerised machine but now that I have one I don’t think I can turn back.

There are some things I thought I’d love but I surprisingly don’t, such as the ability to sew without the pedal and a speed variation dial.  I don’t use these features much surprisingly.

I remember I had actually set out to buy a Bernette but I think comparing the Bernette’s features with this machine this is far, far, far more worth it.

Janome DC2050 Stitches


A few cons with this machine:  it comes with a clear plastic zig-zag foot instead of the old fashioned metal ones (I think this is standard now, booooooo), and the plastic chassis of the machine does rattle around a bit when sewing.  The rattling is  a bit obvious, so if this bothers you you may want to consider something a little pricier.  Lastly if you’re sewing on the edge of any fabric the fabric gets sucked into the feed dogs fairly easily, this is probably the only thing that frustrates me the most about this machine.

It’s really hard for me to be subjective because I upgraded from a really difficult machine to a much better machine, so overall I feel like this machine is great! From what I’ve seen though it’s definitely great value for money as it’s the most affordable machine I can find from an established brand which features a one-step buttonhole, needle threader, start/stop button etc.

And I haven’t wanted to tear my hair out using this, and I think that’s all that matters.

Janome DC2050 review


So happy birthday!  Time to celebrate with some vodka…



LSP can’t resist a selfie.

Oops, apparently things got a bit out of hand!



  1. Hi!! This has been such a long time!!!
    Do you remember me? (Valerie of riechanster)
    My mum and I also bought a new sewingmachine in december because the previous one was turning, 25 years… and you could feel that lol :D The whole motorblock came loose and it wouldn’t sew anymore. I’ve pulled out a lot of hairs because of that one :D
    The new one, a singer, sews soooo much better! ^^

    • Hi Riechan, of course I remember you! I’m glad you found me after so many years! I’m glad you’re sewing too :).

  2. My little sister has been getting back into sewing lately; she just made a maxi skirt. However she is going nuts trying to use Mum’s old sewing machine. Definitely need an upgrade.

    • My rule of thumb is – if it drives you insane, get a new one! I’m glad your sister is getting back into sewing, it’s a super duper useful craft!

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