Month: February 2014

I’m going on holiday

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Tonight I’m going to Taipei for ten days. I’ve packed light for Taipei so I’ll have space to lug all my shopping back.  Also did you know there is a ridiculously huge fabric market in Taipei? I’m scared one check-in piece of luggage won’t be enough. I’m just taking some basics with me, mostly skirts and knit tops to keep warm.  I’m glad to see that so many of my clothes now are handmade – […]

Happy birthday, sewing machine! A Janome DC2050 review

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review - sewing stuff / Sewing

Last year, I decided I wanted to sew seriously again.  I have always loved making things with my hands, but wanted a craft that was really practical. Unfortunately my old sewing machine was pretty terrible… I don’t think cheap sewing machines necessarily mean bad sewing machines, but mine was terrible.  The bobbin thread would often snap and I spent more time rethreading than sewing.  I don’t know whether I just didn’t thread it right or […]