Colette Zinnia skirt in black and white gingham

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Colette Zinnia view 'A' in black and white ginghamColette Zinnia view 'A' in black and white gingham

Unrelated/kind of related story to the post:  in keeping with my 2014 ‘I will only sew clothes that are my style’ resolution, I recently did a full clean of my wardrobe.  Like full on, three giant bags of clothes have been donated, clean.  I sewed this skirt before I finished that clean, and then after cleaning I found out that I am apparently severely allergic to colour, and then I sort of looked at my skirt and laughed because it’s both black and white and totally not a colour again.

Anyway, so this is my Colette Zinnia in ‘version 1’, the version which made me buy the pattern in the first place.   I’m not a big fan of version 2 and 3 but maybe I’ll come to.  The pattern itself is great and I love the style – it’s sort of stylishly casual – like you totally didn’t care about what you’re wearing but secretly spent 3 hours planning your wardrobe.  Super comfy to boot too.  This skirt is in size 02 and unfortunately a tad big at the waist for me, so next time I may downsize to size 0.

2 things I learnt from making this skirt though:

  • Cheap, stiff cotton gingham is cheap for a reason.  I have pressed and ironed this skirt a heck of a lot before I took photos and it still looks like someone ran over it.
  • Interfacing your waistbands is actually important. Oops. Mine ain’t holding up so well.

Overall I am loving my Zinnia though.  Any skirt this comfy and this stylish is a winner in my book.  Loooove.




  1. Cute! Those pockets look pretty handy, I must say. I just threw out a lot of clothing myself – here’s to making stuff that suits our styles!

    • Yes! I love the pockets so much – it’s like the icing on the cake for a practical-yet-stylish skirt.

  2. Cute skirt, love the black and white gingham and the pockets! Hearing you loud and clear about interfacing. I was really tempted to go ahead with sewing a top without interfacing the collar as I don’t have interfacing at home and the shops here are closed for a few days for Chinese New Year. But now, I have resolved to wait till I can get hold of interfacing. By theway, I have also resolved to sew clothes that are my style :)
    Enjoy your cute new skirt!

    • I’ve found that I have been able to get away with not interfacing some things like facings, but waistbands were a big no-go unfortunately. I hope your new years’ resolution turns out for you too :)!

  3. It’s a very cute skirt on you. I think we all come to the point where we realise that cheap fabric may be alluring, but it is only by the price. I always try to look at quality over price these days. And yeah, I totally hear you about interfacing.

    • Thank you! I don’t usually buy cheap fabric, but I was keen on gingham and couldn’t find any quality stuff locally :(.

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