Month: January 2014

Colette Zinnia skirt in black and white gingham

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Colette / completed / Sewing / skirt

Unrelated/kind of related story to the post:  in keeping with my 2014 ‘I will only sew clothes that are my style’ resolution, I recently did a full clean of my wardrobe.  Like full on, three giant bags of clothes have been donated, clean.  I sewed this skirt before I finished that clean, and then after cleaning I found out that I am apparently severely allergic to colour, and then I sort of looked at my […]

On my sewing table + life stuff

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Happy (late) 2014! Sorry I haven’t been super duper active online these days.  I haven’t really been doing anything for a while.  The Australian Open is on and my life goes completely on hold when tennis is on TV. My 2014 so far: I’m a watch wearer now, I recently became obsessed with washi tape and I’ve watched tennis non-stop since the beginning of the year.  I’ve also gone back to using my toy cams.  These […]