Month: December 2013

Grainline Archers – Polka Dot and Simple White

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It’s Archer Appreciation month apparently!  This is great because Archer is one of my absolute favourite patterns ever.  I’ve made two to date, one of which was actually in the month of December, so it’s not cheating. This is my ‘muslin’ Archer made from a silk/cotton blend that was far too stiff for a loose shirt like Archer.  It worked well for my Chardon skirt but not so well for this shirt.  I’ve found that […]

Merry Christmas from tifftoffee! Free printable imperial to metric sewing conversion chart

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  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever, the point is, Christmas is here and celebrations and gifts are in order!  Other people might be more talented and giving cool freebies like free clothing patterns or whatever, but all I have is this sewing conversion table.  If you’re like me and living in metric land and finding imperial measurements confusing, this may be for you!  It includes common imperial seam allowances and their metric equivalents, plus some […]

Rough Week

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Oh boy. So in my last post I was all like ‘sewing mah work wardrobe!’ right?  Well, this week, I found out I won’t have a job after January-ish.  So… definitely bummed.  My contract runs out and it won’t be renewed.   It’s not fun being Tiff right now… It also hasn’t been a great sewing month for me.  I had planned to sew a Reglisse and a Zinnia with some Spoonflower fabric I made […]

Sewing a Work Wardrobe – Deer and Doe Airelle Blouse

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 I’ve been working for about 5 months now and I just noticed that I don’t have much of a work wardrobe.  I came home one day and said to my mum ‘I need more skirts… do you have any old skirts?’ and she said ‘why don’t you make one?’.  That was a good question, why haven’t I been sewing my own work wardrobe?  I spend 5 days of my week at work and 2 outside of […]

How to sharpen a rotary cutter blade (temporarily)

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So, I am firmly team rotary cutter.  I own a pair of fabric scissors and I always think ‘oooh I’ll try this out’ but immediately go back to rotary cutters.  It’s just sooo much quicker. In fact, I am so team rotary cutter that I even sometimes cut paper patterns out with them… it’s naughty, but I just can’t stand how long it takes to cut with normal scissors!  The only problem is the blades […]