Quickie Post – My Beloved Chardon Skirt by Deer and Doe

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Excuse the doggy butt on the left.

Excuse the doggy butt on the left.

Oh Deer and Doe, how I love you so.

I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this pattern company.  Their designs are super wearable and customisable, their size 36 is like exactly me, and their patterns are printed on actual thick paper.  Paper! Crazy!

This is my Chardon skirt, and it is the perfect pattern for beginners.  It’s easy but it’s actually still a meaty pattern, featuring box pleats, invisible zipper and possibly belt loops/ribbon tie at the back depending on which version you’re making.  I loved making this pattern because it was such an instant gratification but I felt like I made something pattern.  I have a few friends who ask me what is a good beginner pattern and I always say Chardon.

Black and Purple Polka Dot Chardon Skirt - back

He’s a lazy dog and he won’t move unless you negotiate with food.

I love that this skirt has a tie at the back too – I hate skirts that are too loose around the waist, but also if they are too tight they’re really uncomfortable.  It’s really hard to get that ‘just right’ measurement, so the tie really helps.

I made this Chardon out of a medium weight silk/cotton blend that I got from the Fabric Store.  I absolutely love the Fabric Store and I’m always paranoid that they’re going to go out of business because then I will really be left high and dry.


I was also naughty and made a semi-impulse overlocker purchase recently.  I was always planning to buy one but only when I got more space because there is no where for me to put an overlocker right now.  Let’s just say I like it, but I am not in love with it right now because I have to switch power points and desk space for overlocker/machine when I want to use the overlocker, and it’s making sewing harder for me. Boo :(.  I’m trying out this overlocker for a while before I post my actual thoughts on it, because I suspect I’m getting frustrated due to lack of space, not because the overlocker is bad.



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