Scout Tees and Social Sewing Shenanigans

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Red diagonal stripe scout tee

Oh my gosh I have a lot of clothes to photograph and show everyone.  I’ve decided to show this one first because of Red October because October is nearly over and I need to get my stuff together.

So the about the tee – I got this beautifully soft drapey cotton knit from the Fabric Store.  When it was on the bolt I thought it was good ol’ horizontally striped fabric until the shop clerk pointed out the stripes were actually diagonal.  I was iffy on sewing diagonal stripes since I thought it would just look like I couldn’t sew straight, so I was about to leave it until the shop clerk said ‘I think this is Marc Jacobs’.  Next thing I knew I had 1.5 meters of this diagonally striped fabric that I had no idea what to do with.  I am a serious sucker for Marc Jacobs…


This fabric sat in my pile for a while and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  I had all sorts of crazy ideas for it such as a knit Miette skirt or a dress.  I ended up making a simple Grainline Scout Tee because I was running out of days in October to sew something red for the Sewcialist’s Red October initiative, and I haven’t looked back since.

My skirt is a simple gathered rectangle with a waistband and zip.  I wear it a lot because it’s a wardrobe staple, but it’s probably the most shoddily sewn thing ever.  Not putting up detail pics for it!  Let’s just say parts of it are held together by glue…


About the Scout Tee pattern:  I wasn’t too interested in it when I saw woven versions online, but then I saw a post on the knit version and I was sold.  It’s one of those awesome instant gratification patterns – if you don’t do anything fancy with your shirt you could probably make it in 2 hours.

In other social shenanigans, Zoe from the lovely blog Etsy Addict has started a lovely new social initiative to get more exposure to small, lesser known sewing blogs.  It’s called the Sewing Exchange which is a banner rotation system that offers free advertising to other bloggers.  I’ve placed my Sewing Exchange banner on my sidebar.  It’s a great initiative so get on board!



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