Holiday Fashion – Black and White Sorbetto

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Colette / completed / Sewing / tank top
Black and white geometric sorbetto

Sorbetto in action-action-action!

Recently, as if these two bloggers were mind readers, both Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons and Jenny from Bobbins and Whimsy posted about sewing for your style and sewing a functional wardrobe.  I recently went on this holiday and as I was packing for it, I realised that I am not being true to my own style.  I have a tendency to buy and sew what I want to wear, but not what I would wear.  You know like when you see some fabric with a gazillion adorable whales on it, and you think to yourself ‘I really would wear that!’ just because you love the fabric, but really… no, at the end of the day the whales are not being worn.

I get really suckered into cute fabrics and cute dress patterns when in reality I realised I am very unlikely to wear bright coloured dresses (which is a problem for both my Colette Hawthorn and Laurel dresses).  I wear black and white like my life depends on it and sometimes mix it up with a bit of grey.  I’m not adventurous at all. I love the occasional floral but I realised I am only comfortable with wearing floral on a skirt and if it’s paired with a solid black top.  It’s like anything else and it doesn’t feel like me anymore.  I think this also stems from my secret desire to have a crazy awesome vintage-inspired Zooey Deschanel hipster-approved wardrobe, but honestly I’ve been trying to do that since I freakin’ graduated from high school and it has never worked and I have never felt super comfy wearing over the top hipster clothing, so it is probably time to stop trying.  Or at least stop trying to wear someone else’s wardrobe.

So, what I guess I’m trying to say is, I’ve got a heap of Sorbettos and Tiny Pocket Tanks coming.  I hope you don’t mind tank tops.


This is the first of my Sorbetto onslaught coming its way to my blog made from an extra soft silk/cotton blend.  It’s lined with silk (never, ever again doing that!).

It is the perfect stashbusting pattern.  I managed to squeeze this size 2 Sorbetto (sans front pleat) out of 50cm of fabric. 

I don’t think I need to say much about the Sorbetto itself since it is probably the most well known free pattern in the online sewing world.


I’m off to sew a whole army of these for my wardrobe now.



  1. Lovely Sorbetto and I love the idea of lining with silk – doing away with the need for binding, most Sorbetto’s are utilitarian but this is luxe. Looks great on and lovely geometric fabric. v cute.

    • Thank you so much! I did the lining wrong actually. I had a brain freeze moment and sewed it more as interlining and still bound it with bias. I only noticed how dumb I was afterwards!

  2. I love this Sorbetto, it’s so chic. Also loving the idea of making things that feel like your style – far more rewarding if you can slip on something you’ve made after you’ve finished it and walk out of the house feeling fabulous :)

    • Thank you! And I agree, I do feel fabulous wearing this Sorbetto! I hate that sometimes depending on the time I feel too ‘showy’ wearing my Colette Hawthorn even though I spent so much time making it!

  3. Such a chic little Sorbetto! The Sorbetto is my most used pattern, it’s become a dress, I’ve added a full back etc, and they are my most worn items. But I have not made it like this before, it’s super cute!

  4. Looks very nice!
    I never heard of the sorbetto, i’ll look it up! It would be great to use up those smaller pieces of fabric!

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