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So I am sewing… i’m just sewing at an alarmingly slow rate.  Right now my schedule is sort of like do left side seam today, pinned some seams together yesterday.  It’s slow going.

I’m not super big on work in progress posts because I feel like it really ruins the surprise, plus I find having too many of them boring, so I won’t post my latest project up until i’ve finished.

Until then, i’d like to show you my favouritest place in the world (aside from my bed):


It’s my sewing area after copious amounts of cleaning!  Usually there’s mountains of stuff everywhere.


It’s only a desk that’s about 1.5m wide. It’s enough space to sew but not really enough to do any pattern tracing or cutting without wanting to rip my hair out.  I usually do that outside on the dining table or just the floor.


I have to move the machine when I want to use the iron, which means a lot of moving stuff around while I sew to press my seams.


Here is one of my best sewing habits ever – keeping a scrap bin for loose thread and seam clippings, etc.  It’s kept my workstation clean without compromising on sewing efficiency.  I hang my scrap bin off a jewellery holder which also functions as  a fusible web dispenser.


And a magnetic bar for holding my metal stuff.  I have planned to change the magnets to rails though, but I’ve been too lazy to actually do it.  Sometimes the scissors are too heavy for the magnet and fall off!


It’s not a lot of space at all.  I’ve heard people say they don’t have room for sewing, so i’m writing this post to show them that you don’t need a huge space to sew at all.  There’s no denying that it would make life much easier, but it’s not a requirement.

It’s also not the prettiest space – i’ve seen some crazy gorgeous sewing spaces out there on the internet and they’ve always made me feel a bit bad about my own.  So I decided i’d post my area ‘uncensored’ – I guess this is sort of like one of those celeb without makeup editorials magazines run?

Anyway I do have a sewing project to show soon.  The sleeves are attached to the front and back… it just needs some finishing.  I’m very excited!



  1. I think your sewing space is so cute! That’s about how much space I had in my last apartment, and I would cut on the dining room table and iron on my breakfast bar! Good way to get a little exercise in :)

    • Thank you! My friends keep telling me tips on how to increase my space but to be honest I quite like it so tiny. I think it’s cozy!

  2. Great to see your sewing space…. love that little ironing board. Mine is pretty much non-existent at the moment. I just have to use whatever table’s free, but it is a bit annoying as it means having to clear up all the time…which I hate!!

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