Early Sewing Projects – Apple Weekender Bag

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Ugh, grown-up life!  How does anyone find time to do anything while working full time?  I’m sad to admit that sewing has really fallen by the wayside behind playing video games!  That’s half the reason why I haven’t been updating – I have nothing to update my blog with because I haven’t been sewing :(.

BUT, even though I may not have any new sewing projects to show you, I do have old ones to show!  Let me show you guys my Apple Weekender Bag, my good friend on all holidays and overnight trips.


I made this bag five years ago for my first trip to Japan ever.  I had been sewing on and off before then but this was my first very serious sewing project.  I remember I was fearless back then!  I used a pattern that was meant for a bag a quarter of its size and blew it up, added piping and added my own lining.  I didn’t think, I just tried it all out and it turned out really well.  Not everything I made back then turned out well with that sort of attitude though!


I have to admit, nowadays I sew very cautiously and I’m often very scared to try new things that i’m not confident in.  I still shudder to even try and sew with anything other than cotton or cotton blend.  I look at pleats and chiffon and I just give up.  I wonder if it’s because now that I know more, I know how ‘hard’ things are and therefore I don’t even want to try it?  All over the internet now there are articles that say you must do this like this, and take your time etc. etc.  Back in the day all I knew is I wanted a lined bag with some piping and just set out and made it.  I never even knew that any of these things could be time consuming or difficult beforehand.  Obviously I found out when I did it, but by then I had already committed and then I had to do it anyway!


Whatever the reason is, I sometimes wish I could sew like when I was younger.  Carefree sewing seems so novel now!  Have any of you found your sewing habits have changed since you started?




  1. I completely agree! Grown up life (i.e. working full time) makes finding a time for sewing so challenging. Boo :( My sewing habits have definitely changed since I was younger too. Like you, I tended to dive right into a project with little thought! My most common method was to take something I already owned and liked and try to copy it (with little to no idea of what I was doing)! Needless to say, this approach was seldom successful and I still have a pile of ill-fitting skirts and dresses that I use as scrap fabric! I’m glad to be more careful now as I actually make things that I want to wear but I agree with you that this makes for a less carefree sewing experience.

    • I have to agree with you about making stuff I would actually wear though. I found the first dress I had ever, ever made and i’m going to post it one day. Nothing matches up, it’s hilarious!

      Also, thank you! This bag is one of my best and most used creations ever!

  2. That bag is so cute and a great shape. I haven’t really been sewing long enough to comment, but I think I’m the opposite. I am definitely more likely to try something trickier now than when I first started. In fact the reason why I never got going in the first place was because I was convinced I couldn’t do it, now I always want to try something different. There are still lots of things I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!!

    • I love to try but i’m just too scared to screw it up! I wish I didn’t know they were tricky – I think now everyone is like this is hard, that is hard… although, I think it’s also good to have the heads up because there have been times in the past when I tried something and then became very, very frustrated by how hard it turned out to be! I can understand not touching some things though – silk and chiffon for me. I tried once. Never again!

      • Totally understand what you’re saying about the silk and chiffon. My daughter asked me to make her a dress for her bday and she chose the worst fabrics. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with them and as a result didn’t enjoy using them …..it shows!!

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