Month: August 2013

My Sewing Space

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So I am sewing… i’m just sewing at an alarmingly slow rate.  Right now my schedule is sort of like do left side seam today, pinned some seams together yesterday.  It’s slow going. I’m not super big on work in progress posts because I feel like it really ruins the surprise, plus I find having too many of them boring, so I won’t post my latest project up until i’ve finished. Until then, i’d like […]

Early Sewing Projects – Apple Weekender Bag

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    Ugh, grown-up life!  How does anyone find time to do anything while working full time?  I’m sad to admit that sewing has really fallen by the wayside behind playing video games!  That’s half the reason why I haven’t been updating – I have nothing to update my blog with because I haven’t been sewing :(. BUT, even though I may not have any new sewing projects to show you, I do have old […]