Finished Colette Hawthorn – plus some mistakes on the Hawthorn pattern

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Well, my Hawthorn is finished before schedule!  I sewed 13 buttonholes and survived to tell the tale.


I ended up sewing the skirt anyway – I sewed it the way you normally would, right sides together.  Then I chopped off the bottom to even out the hem.  This means that all my skirt seams are sewn bias to straight grain which is causing some weird drape issues to happen.  I am just so glad I chose a busy print and thin cotton lawn, otherwise I don’t think I could get away with it.


It definitely looks better on when the hips are flared out.

Now there are some mistakes on the Hawthorn pattern which I caught when I was sewing.  I only sewed version 3 and am planning to do version 1 blouse in black for work, so I may not have caught them all yet.

Mistake 1

The pattern says to stitch collar top and bottom together without specifying a seam allowance, which usually means you sew at the usual 5/8″.  The collar actually comes up short at the front if you do that, so you need to sew the collar front ends at 1/4″.  There’s a great tutorial on what I mean here.



Mistake 2

If you’re sewing version 1 just be aware that the collar and front facing layout letters are switched.  Don’t be stupid like me and desperately try to find a pattern piece ‘E’ which looked like that.


Mistake 3

These sizes on the darts on the bodice back are labelled in reverse.  0 here is actually 18 and so on.


Also the last tip I have for sewing the Hawthorn is to be super careful to follow the skirt layouts given!  I am used to patterns labelleing different pattern pieces with different names, so in this case I expected both skirt fronts and backs to be the same, but they are not.  When cut correctly, you will have a skirt front left and a skirt front right,  you are not actually cutting out two identical pieces.  This isn’t technically a pattern mistake, but I am used to different pieces being named different things.

With that said, I do love my Hawthorn and I love the pattern style.  None of these things (apart from the collar) are really big mistakes and you could easily work around them.  I am currently working on a plain black Hawthorn blouse for work so the blog is going to be Hawthorn-ing it up for a while!








  1. Looks very nice! thanks for these helpful pointers for this pattern. Bravo on completing the 13 buttonholes! sounds tough^^;

      • Du har re4tt jag uttryckte mig sgavrilt. c5 andra sidan var mitt inle4gg mest ett litet ske4mt. Glf6m det. (Ibland blir jag lite otl6lbflriigt upprymd he4r pe5 Motpol, pga mf6jligheten att prata om saker som man vanligtvis inte ve5gar tala om i Sverige.)

  2. I love the fabric you chose! I can now imagine myself wearing a floral Hawthorne! I love the contrast collar as well!

    • Thank you very much! I had only ever envisioned a floral Hawthorn to be honest, couldn’t imagine it in anything else!

  3. Great to see your Hawthorn is finished! What a shame about the mistakes in the pattern. Although they may not be major, for a beginner sewer they might be more of an issue.

    • Thanks! It is a shame because I love Colette patterns for their beginner-friendly-ness, and I felt that these mistakes are an issue. I was freaking out for ages over my collar trying to figure out what I did wrong because I am prone to rushing and not doing things right. Anyway, I think what i’m really annoyed about now is i’m not the only one who said something about it on flickr and the blog, but all they’ve said is ‘we’ll look into it’, and then posted a blog entry about how much quality control they put in their patterns. I know it probably does mean anything, but it felt kind of backhanded :(.

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