Mini Review – Clover Chaco Liner, Plus Hawthorn is Chugging Along

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Two weeks into work and i’ve decided I don’t want to be an adult anymore!  Full time work is hard.  I really should’ve appreciated uni life more while I was still able to sleep during class without repurcussions.  Speaking of sleep, that’s pretty much I all do nowadays outside of work because I am so exhausted.  Zzzzz.  I’m sorry I haven’t been reading anyone’s blogs, either.  I’ll get back to it soon!  I just need to find my footing first.


Anyway i’ve managed to cobble together my Hawthorn for the sew-along.  It hasn’t been easy going to be honest.  Firstly, I found that the Hawthorn collar pieces are a little short:


I’ve circled where the pattern indicates the collar should end and the collar doesn’t end that far.  I double checked instructions and cutting and everything and it keeps happening :(.  Thankfully it doesn’t look too odd, but it’s a little annoying!

The other issue I ran into was my own mistake.  I did something so stupid that after I noticed it I nearly cried.  The skirt part is made up of 4 pieces, left and right front pieces, and left and right back pieces.  I cut only left pieces of the front and back, two of each.  I could not believe I had done that when I went to sew my skirt together.

So um… I am not sure what i’m going to do about that right now.  I’m just trying to block it out of my mind and pretend I didn’t just do that.  LALALALALALA!

In other news, let me tell you guys about one of my absolute favourite sewing notions ever.  Ever!


It’s my Clover Chaco Liner!  I remember when I saw one of these I searched online for a review because they’re mega expensive for what amounts to a chalk wheel and I wanted to know what they were like.  Unfortunately I didn’t find a single review!  I still decided to get it though because I am a sucker for fancy looking sewing notions, and plus I am also a sucker for everything Clover makes.

I started off just buying one, and now I have three.  They make such a fine line and they last a really long time before you need to get a refill.


I really hated how tailor’s chalk and pencils go blunt and leave thick, imprecise lines, but this hasn’t been an issue with the Chaco Liner.  Also because the tip is a fine wheel that dispenses chalk powder, so you don’t have to sharpen it.  The only problem is they are extremely expensive at around $17 AUD each!  So my verdict is it’s nice to have around, but you definitely don’t need one to sew.



  1. zibergirl says

    Your bodice looks really nice despite the collar issue. I made up the Hawthorn blouse and noticed that the collar it didn’t seem to match where the dots were as well. I also noticed that the sleeve seams are not the same length, and I wasn’t sure whether to match them up under the arm or at the end of the sleeve. I settled for somewhere in between. I have plans to make three Hawthorn dresses for each of my daughters so I appreciate the heads up on paying attention to the layout of the skirt. Hopefully you can make it work. Do you have enough fabric for a peplum? You could make a house.

    • Thank you! And thanks for letting me know about the sleeve issue – i’m currently working on a blouse. I hate sleeves so I don’t need to added stress of thinking I did something wrong! I managed to make it work, I don’t think I had enough fabric to make a ‘house’ :P!

  2. Your Hawthorn is looking gorgeous – no one in ‘real life’ is going to know about the collar – we won’t tell.

  3. it looks good! I thought the collar part was part of the design:) I love Clover too- their stuff is so useful and innovative

    • Thank you! I agree with your thoughts on Clover – I don’t think I could sew without them! I have so much other stuff by them that has been so useful.

  4. I love the fabric you chose! I actually saw a fix for the collar on a blog I was reading yesterday, I searched my history but I couldn’t find it! It was something to do with sewing a smaller seam allowance somewhere, then it fit perfectly.

    • Thanks Zoe, I think I found it or something similar – still annoyed that it doesn’t work out as per instructions though grrr.

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