Hawthorn Sew-Along – Pretty Fabric and I Hate Muslins

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Colette / fabric / in-progress


The Hawthorn Sew-Along is up to choosing fabric and making a muslin.


I’ve decided to keep it simple and use a cotton lawn from my stash.  I only have 2.7m of this which is enough for the bodice, skirt, and smaller facings of the dress.  I will have to cut my front facing out of a different fabric.  The collar is going to be made out of a solid cream, and i’m still contemplating whether to make a belt or not.

By the way, the top of the photo is a little out of focus because my brother wouldn’t stop laughing underneath the fabric… he was my fabric prop.  Thanks, little brother:


Dogs also kept getting in the way of photo shooting.


After a while, the fabric choosing really derailed into a plushie modelling shoot.  My boyfriend calls this picture ‘Bear-anda Kerr’.

Also known as ‘Naomi Camp-bear’.  I have so many more photos of this glamourous modelling shoot at my Twitter.  Leave me your Twitter in the comments if you have one or know of any good ones to follow.  I’m not super good at Twitter yet.

Productivity really derailed and I didn’t get to making my muslin.  I have a bit of beef with muslin making though – I hate it.  It sucks all the fun out of sewing for me.  I hate it so much that I procrastinated by taking mock modelling photo shoots of my plush toys (something that… uh, I would’ve done anyway. Let’s not lie here.)

Look, the real reason is usually clothes fit me ‘just OK’ without a muslin.  I know whether something will be too long or too loose, and I adjust accordingly, and I rarely need to make a test.  I find that when I make a muslin, I become obsessed with minute details regarding fit and sky-high impossible expectations about how clothes should look on my body.  Muslins bring out the very worst in perfectionists, and I think it happens to a lot of people.

… But the sew-along schedule clearly says ‘making a muslin’, and loads of people in the comments are making muslins and, I suppose the Hawthorne is fitted, and the peer pressure is totally getting to me, so I will make one.  But only for the bodice, because I am rebellious. HMPH.


I expect the Hawthorn to look fabulous on me.  HMPH.



  1. I’ve only made two muslins and I hated making both of them. I kind of feel all my excitement is lost by the time I come to sew the real thing, but I’m a bit of an odd shape so it’s necessary!

    • Argh muslins just suck the fun and joy out of sewing. I agree sometimes it’s a necessary evil though – when I wrote this post I was still on the fence, but then I heard Colette patterns drafts for a C-D cup and that is like… the exact opposite of me. Sure enough there was waaay too much bust space in the original Hawthorn. I dodged a bullet there!

  2. I don’t mind making muslin. I seem to always end up changing something, and that is when it is not fitted… Cannot wait to see your version!

    • Thank you! I wish I had your spirit though haha… I wish I didn’t hate making muslins because sometimes they’re necessary!

  3. Lol! I love your plushie photo shoot! Its truly funny. I don’t make muslins. I look at the pattern, hold it to myself, and then chop chop chop. About every 10 projects, I get a dud, and ya know, Im totally fine with that! That was 10 muslins that did not steal my wind! The fabric is gorgeous!

    • My plushies are flattered! And we are so on the same page with fitting – I am definitely a hold-pattern-to-self-to-fit girl.

  4. so funny! i love the Rilakuma photoshoot:-) I hate making muslins too…sometimes the thought of having to make a muslin makes me not want to start a sewing project at all! I look forward to seeing more of your project updates on the Hawthorn, the fabric you chose is very pretty^^

    • I love Rilakkuma, he is one of my sewing buddies so he’ll show up on my blog more often! And I agree, thinking of making a muslin often makes me want to not start. I just want to jump in and sew!

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