Hawthorn Sew-Along

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Colette / in-progress


Hey!  Look what arrived in the mail today!  Thanks to Sew Squirrel for super fast shipping – I placed the order in last week.  My Hawthorn arrived time for me to join the…

Hawthorn Dress Sewalong

Hawthorn Sew-Along hosted by Colette Patterns!  It’s my first sew-along and i’m really excited.  It’s great timing because i’m really bad at pacing myself with sewing – my sewing schedule is always just to sew a lot in one go and finish something, something I don’t think i’ll be able to do while working.  A sew-along forces me to follow a schedule which looks managable.


This is the first time I worked with a printed Colette pattern – my Laurel dress was a pdf version.  Colette patterns are printed on white tissue paper which for some reason I really struggled with tracing.  I found it difficult to see the navy on white and preferred black on beige tissue. No idea why, because in theory white and navy should be easier to see.


And I really struggled with the lines and notches too.  I think I may be just spoilt by thick paper patterns in sewing books.


And this is how I felt after I traced it all.

I’ve started a Pinterest board for Hawthorn inspiration as well because I have no idea how i’m going to make this dress as of yet.  We’ll see!


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