Small Site Changes

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Hi everyone – it came to my attention that recently when I made some site changes everyone who followed my blog via email was flooded with tons of emails regarding new posts.  I’m very sorry about that, I didn’t know it would happen! I’ve finished importing all my old posts from a previous blog though, so it shouldn’t happen again.  Once again, i’m really sorry!

My ol’ tiny tarts – still one of my favourite miniature clay items.

The other news is i’ve been getting visitors referred from my old website Hikaria and other sweets deco blogs.  As I have addressed here I no longer make anything sweets deco related.  I really loved it and I do kind of still but it became a very impractical craft for me and i’d have tons of miniatures lying around with no use for them :(.  So I stopped, and now I do very little sweets deco if at all.  I’m super sentimental and proud of my achievements though, and I view my blog as an online home, so I moved my tutorials over here so they’re all under one ‘roof’ so to speak.  But I doubt I will be making more out of my own accord.  So, if you came for the sweets deco, i’m very sorry but I doubt I will be make any more sweets deco related things in the future, but if you have questions or even tute requests contact me and i’ll be happy to help how I can.

Also for my new readers – take a look at my sweets deco tutes, you may find yourself taking up a new craft :)!

Lastly, I got a job! It’s my very first serious job ever since graduating from my university course a few months ago and i’m super stoked!  I got the call today, five days after my birthday so birthday wishes do come true!  Unfortunately I will probably be posting less as it is a full time position, so Fresh Blog Fridays will now be a monthly thing, most likely because i’ll be aiming for a post a week if possible.



  1. Congrats on the new job, well it art related? I’d never heard of sweets deco, will be having a look :)

    • Nah unfortunately, I’m an Occupational Therapist by trade. The most artistic I can get at work is use different coloured velcro for hand splints!

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