Fresh Blog Friday – Featuring Cloud CouCou Crafts

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It’s Fresh Blog Friday!  Today I’m featuring the lovely craft/sewing blog Cloud CouCou Crafts (a bit of a mouthful if you try to read it out loud!).

Now I have a confession to make: I used to think quilts are ugly.  Please don’t kill me!  But they always looked so scrappy and dated and busy, and well… they didn’t agree with my eyes.  I admit I never really looked into quilting at all because quilting is completely incompatible with my laziness too – it takes serious patience to quilt and I don’t have it!  So really, my dislike for quilting is really just due to my own personal shortcomings.

Anyway, i’m starting to change my mind about quilts ever since seeing this block:

Photo Credit: Cloud CouCou Crafts

And her beautiful Bloom Bloom Pow quilt which I strongly suggest you take a look here.

Photo Credit: Cloud CouCou Crafts

She also does some clothes sewing, like this adorable pink elephant top.  She doesn’t seem to like it but I think it’s adorable.

And her very first post was this lovely sailboat top:

Photo Credit: Cloud CouCou Crafts

And she also does some other little crafts like felting which I have, like, ZERO knowledge of but have always thought it looked super fun.

Photo Credit: Cloud CouCou Crafts

So, this week’s Fresh Blog Friday Blog (so many blogs!) has convinced me that quilts aren’t all ugly and may have inspired me to consider quilting one day.  Go check Cloud CouCou Crafts out, it’s well worth it!



  1. Thanks so much for the feature, I’m glad you felt my blog was worth a mention!! I totally agree with you on the quilt thing, I thought they were ugly too plus too much like hard work that’s why I can hardly believe that I’ve made one…maybe you’ll have a go one day! Thanks again, you have a great blog too :)

    • That’s OK, you deserve it! I’m still thinking veeery hard about quilting though, not fully convinced yet so you’ll have to work extra hard to convine me to quilt :P.

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