New Feature – Fresh Blog Friday, featuring Eclectic Threads

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Earlier this week I was nominated for a Liebster award by Eclectic Threads.  The purpose of the blog award is to help spread the word about new blogs which I think is a great initiative.  I’ve decided, however, instead of passing the award on (mostly because I didn’t know 11 new blogs to nominate!), I will write a full post every Friday about a new sewing blog that I really enjoy reading and I think others should know about too. Now I know it’s not Friday today but I will be away for the weekend so this one is going live early.

Now, if I just write about blogs I like I will very quickly run out of blogs.  So please suggest blogs to me know via a comment/email/twitter (I have a seldom used twitter) about your own blog or someone else’s blog that you think I should check out.  I’d love to get this going as a weekly thing!  I have three more blogs in my queue to feature so get suggesting, otherwise I will run out of features.

So, today’s feature blog is, of course, Eclectic Threads who nominated me for the award in the first place.  This blog is serious eye candy! It’s full of vintage fashion, sewing and photography goodness, all with tons of photos.  I love just looking at the photos featured on this website because they’re all dreamy and beautiful.  I also love that it’s photo-heavy, because sometimes, to be honest, you just want your inspiration beamed straight to your brain via your eye holes, and this blog does that well.

Photo Credit –  Eclectic Threads

Photo credit – Eclectic Threads

She’s also got some serious sewing chops.  I adore this top that she made, not to mention how she’s paired the entire ensemble:

Photo credit – Eclectic Threads

My absolute favourite post from her has to be this one about why you should start sewing.  I think it hits home for a lot of people and she makes a lot of good points. Sewing is a process to be enjoyed, not something to drudge along with for the result.  If you slow down to enjoy the process, you’re going to increase your chances of success.  Love the process = successful, cute dresses.  Go read the post, she puts it better than I do with less use of awkward equations.

So, long story short, Eclectic Threads features some serious visual inspiration.  Go look for yourself!




  1. This is so so lovely – thank you very much for such high praise! Can’t wait to read about the other blogs you’ve discovered – I’ll let you know if I find any :)

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