Stealthy, stealthy animals on fabric

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This is a bit of a filler post because I haven’t done anything exciting sewing-wise for the past week.  Sorry.  I am actually procrastinating cutting fabric because that is my absolute most hated part of sewing. More on that another day I suppose.

BUT! I have finished the rest of my stealthy, stealthy animals for Spoonflower.  If you are not aware of Spoonflower and you love fabric, you need to check it out now!  Spoonflower is a place that will print your designs on fabric so you can design your own.  Living in a fabric poor city, this is amazing for me, especially since Spoonflower prints on lots of different types of fabric!  Cotton!  Silk!  Linen! Stretch cotton knit! And different types of cotton such as poplin! Voile! Silk cotton blend! EEEP! Of course, the downside is it does cost a bit but fabric is not cheap where I live, and the variety is pretty meh. I think it’s more worth it to get something I like.

Anyway so here are the thumbnails for my stealthy animals:


Stealthy Dog! So stealthy among the scallops! This dog is clearly the master of disguise


Beautiful blue scallops with… wait is that a grumpy cat? I could barely tell from how stealthy he was.


And of course, stealthy bear is stealthing it up in there!


Here is stealthy bear… in the flesh.

I am just waiting for all of these fabrics to arrive so I can proof them before I put them up for sale.  Stealthy bear is the only one I have proofed.  They are not really dress fabrics for anyone other than small children I suppose but that probably won’t stop me from wearing a dog skirt.



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