Month: June 2013

Hawthorn Sew-Along – Pretty Fabric and I Hate Muslins

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Colette / fabric / in-progress

The Hawthorn Sew-Along is up to choosing fabric and making a muslin. I’ve decided to keep it simple and use a cotton lawn from my stash.  I only have 2.7m of this which is enough for the bodice, skirt, and smaller facings of the dress.  I will have to cut my front facing out of a different fabric.  The collar is going to be made out of a solid cream, and i’m still contemplating whether […]

Hawthorn Sew-Along

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Colette / in-progress

Hey!  Look what arrived in the mail today!  Thanks to Sew Squirrel for super fast shipping – I placed the order in last week.  My Hawthorn arrived time for me to join the… … Hawthorn Sew-Along hosted by Colette Patterns!  It’s my first sew-along and i’m really excited.  It’s great timing because i’m really bad at pacing myself with sewing – my sewing schedule is always just to sew a lot in one go and […]

Small Site Changes

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Hi everyone – it came to my attention that recently when I made some site changes everyone who followed my blog via email was flooded with tons of emails regarding new posts.  I’m very sorry about that, I didn’t know it would happen! I’ve finished importing all my old posts from a previous blog though, so it shouldn’t happen again.  Once again, i’m really sorry! The other news is i’ve been getting visitors referred from […]

“Handkerchief Hem Sundress E2” – Feminine Wardobe by Jinko Matsumoto

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Confession time: Animal Crossing was released on Saturday and it has completed killed off my sewing mojo.  I am now too busy hanging out with my animal buddies while making sure there are enough plants in my virtual town to ensure a 100% mayor approval rating.  Like, i’ve been sewing a Sorbetto for days now, and most people seem to agree that top only takes 3 hours from cutting to completion.  My productivity is so low.  […]

Fresh Blog Friday – Featuring Cloud CouCou Crafts

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It’s Fresh Blog Friday!  Today I’m featuring the lovely craft/sewing blog Cloud CouCou Crafts (a bit of a mouthful if you try to read it out loud!). Now I have a confession to make: I used to think quilts are ugly.  Please don’t kill me!  But they always looked so scrappy and dated and busy, and well… they didn’t agree with my eyes.  I admit I never really looked into quilting at all because quilting […]