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Japanese Sewing Books

Sewing books! I love sewing books! I recently got four more and I took pictures of them! Such is my love for sewing books. Especially Japanese sewing books – I love them to bits. I will put up detailed reviews when I make more things from them, but I do have initial thoughts:

  • “Stylish Dress Book” and “Stylish Dress Book – Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops”, both by Yoshiko Tsukiori, are not the same book. That’s terrible naming! I spent six months thinking they were the same with different covers. Terrible! I think in Japan they are named Stylish Dress Book 1, Stylish Dress Book 2, etc… which makes a lot more sense.
  • When “I am Cute Dresses” says it has ’25 simple designs to sew’, they really meant it. Everything in here is a straight line or a box, which is also why they didn’t supply any pattern sheets because you need to draw them yourself. I don’t think I even saw a single dart. The dresses are also ‘one size fits all’. I think it’s worth checking out in a prototype car ‘cool!’ kind of sense, but in practice… the dresses do look a little bit like glorified potato sacks.
  • “Feminine Wardrobe” is so girly adorable. I just want to hug all the designs! So many bows!

In other news:


I love design and I love sewing, therefore Spoonflower is totally up my alley. I have ordered my first fabric swatch and I am elated with it! Soon I will be able to adorn my body with faces and bears. I hope to sell these on Spoonflower sometime soon, but I am currently working on other stealthy scallop animals.


Meanwhile I am sewing a t-shirt. I am sewing knits for the first time and I feel like a sewing grown-up. Exciting! I have to say though I am loving the knit. I have sewed the side seams and I love how you just pull it on and it settles over your curves. None of this fiddly fitting stuff! In knit country, fabric fits you.


I am working from a self-drafted pattern with guidance from “Design-it-Yourself Clothes” by Cal Patch. It’s a great book but the writing style is a bit flowery. The good news is it is written like someone is walking you through the entire pattern drafting process; the bad news is she sounds a little bit like she’s on something. Still, it’s a good book, and anyone who is able to be clear and articulate while possibly high is obviously a master at their art.


“I do not understand human clothes”

My dog was not happy about the drafting process by the way. He kept sticking his head in to see what I was doing, and then he demanded pats. He does not understand human clothes.



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