Month: May 2013

Self-drafted Boatneck T-shirt

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I am an easily scared person and I take very little risks in life.  Apparently when I was a baby my parents never needed to block the stairs off because I wouldn’t go anywhere near the stairs.  My idea of a risk is to not let the kettle completely boil before making tea sometimes if i’m impatient – I might end up with weak-ish tea!  It’s a real risk! So, sewing with a knit fabric […]

Books, bears, dogs

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Sewing books! I love sewing books! I recently got four more and I took pictures of them! Such is my love for sewing books. Especially Japanese sewing books – I love them to bits. I will put up detailed reviews when I make more things from them, but I do have initial thoughts: “Stylish Dress Book” and “Stylish Dress Book – Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops”, both by Yoshiko Tsukiori, are not the same book. […]

Salvage Mission – Stylish Dress Book style ‘A’ dress

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This dress almost ended up in my unfinished disaster bin. It is, what I call, the ‘salvage mission’ dress. I made my first project from “Stylish Dress Book” by Yoshiko Tsukiori. I decided on dress “A” because I wanted something quick and easy – unfortunately I completely messed up my ‘quick and easy’ plans by adding tucks to the original pattern. I think I may be a sewing masochist. The bizarre thing is the tucks […]

I Sew Now – Colette Patterns ‘Laurel’ Shift Dress

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I love to make stuff, but I hate clutter and impracticality. I went through a phase of making and enjoying things such as miniature clay sweets and amigurumi, but I couldn’t find a use for any of it. I needed a craft that was physical and practical. Digital illustrating is fun but, at the risk of sounding lame, I can’t feel what i’m doing. This apparently bothers me. I decided to return to sewing since […]