Millefeuille pastry mini tutorial

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Strawberry millefeuille!

Hey everyone, firstly i’ve got a coupon code for all of you. Use merryxmas to get 40% off everything at my Etsy store and for international customers make sure to order soon to make it in time for Christmas. It can take up to 3 weeks to the US when it gets to Christmas season so order soon :).

I start my new uni course tomorrow and I am a little nervous. I’ve been at uni for three years now and I still get really nervous for a completely new course haha… sigh, I hope everything works out :). Today I have a mini millefeuille pastry tutorial for all of you. I decided to just teach the pastry so you can fill it up with whatever you want.

I should warn you guys that the pictures are of a shockingly terrible quality though. I have no idea why but my camera just wasn’t focusing and it was bizarre. I tried my best and touched them up a bit, but they’re still pretty bad. Also, even though millefeuille pastry is not technically hard to make steps-wise, to get the flaky texture you must use a paper clay. Well that’s not technically true actually, i’ve seen gorgeous millefeuille made by dollhouse miniaturists by polymer clay but i’ve tried many times and failed. You’re welcome to try though :).

Roll your clay out about 2-3mm thick. Cut a rectangle about 1cmx7mm. I should take this time to say that buying one of these cutting mats was an excellent investment for someone like me who can’t cut straight at all :).

Using a blunt knife like tool (a credit card, thin ruler or a blade if you’re super careful) make lines all around the sides of the pastry. Make sure to score the corners too. Keep your grip loose on the clay so as not to distort the rectangle shape. The more lines you put in the flakier and more realistic it’ll look.

Here i’ve done one side of the pastry already. Note how I made sure to cut the lines around the corners as well.

Here’s an alternative view of what you’re looking for. Try to keep the lines uneven and not all parallel because it won’t look realistic. Remember to brown your pastry before putting your fillings in :).



  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I must say that I’ve figured out already how to make them, in similar way to yours. I used craft knife and/or piece of squashed sharp ended kitchen foil. They look just like yours! :D Yay! The only mistake imade was brushing them with pastel powder instead of tapping with sponge and paint. They would look more realistic then. And blunt knife is better idea than my knife, I will use it next time :) Thank you again! And good luck at uni!!!

    • Thanks so much Mini Mo haha… i’m replying really late to this of course, but I saw your millefeuille on your Facebook and they’re gorgeous :).

  2. oh my, so simple??? Thankyou ^^ I think I can do this :D
    I have the same thing, I also get nervous before a new course, so you’re not alone ;) Good luck!!

    • Yep they’re easy! Good to know i’m not the only one nervous before a new course, I just thought it was ridiculous because I have been at the same uni for four years XD!

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  4. Wow! It’s so real! I’ll try to make it. Thanks for this tutorial.
    If you’d like to visit my blog and leave me a messagge it should be very nice. Bye ;-)

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