Freebie – Super Rollcake Man plushie pattern

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Super Roll Cake Man brings in the customers... David says it's almost like prostitution XD.

Hey everyone, firstly thank you so, so much for your messages of support. I’m really touched by how generous many of you were with your support and I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Knowing that my little website actually helps people and brightens people’s days means that i’ve accomplished a goal in my life :).

So I wanted to give a bit of a thank you gift, and so i’ve drafted up a free pattern for a mini version of my Super Rollcake Man who seems to be popular. You can now sew up your very own little SRC-man to look after you with super sweetness! This is actually my very first time drafting a pattern, usually when I draft I draft directly onto the fabric, so if there are any issues with the paper pattern please let me know and i’ll fix it up accordingly.

Directions and pattern are after the jump:

This pattern makes an approximately 10cm tall and 12cm wide plushie at the fattest.

I’ve made my SRC-man out of felt but I say let your imagination run wild! You could make a floral fabric SRC-man, he’s comfortable in anything :). The dimensions I gave earlier are approximate and depends on how you make him. When I sew felt I do it all in zigzag so the seam allowance is practically negligible, but if you sew fabric with a seam allowance you’ll end up with a smaller plush.

When connecting the body side to the bottom there is a 1cm seam allowance.

The pattern doesn’t include pieces for the chocolate pipe but it just involves some simple rectangles. Full directions on how to make one are included below.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started!

Super roll cake man pattern

You will need:

  • 1 piece of pink felt
  • 1 piece of brown felt
  • 1 piece of white felt
  • 2x5mm safety eyes*
  • black embroidery thread for mouth
  • polyfill

*You could omit this and embroider the eyes on with thread.


  1. On one of the body pieces stitch the swirl piece on with straight stitch around the edges of the swirl. Add eyes and embroider mouth where marked on the pattern piece.
  2. Stitch body pieces to the body side piece. There should be a 1cm overhang of body side piece on each side at the bottom. Hint: an easy way to line up body pieces and the body side piece would be to mark the center of the pieces. Fold the body in half and mark the center at the top, and then fold the body side piece in half and mark the center. Line up accordingly, pin and sew.
  3. Stitch the bottom on, with a 1cm seam allowance on each side lined up with the overhanging body side piece. Leave an opening as shown on the body pattern piece unsewn.
  4. Flip the cake out, and stuff.
  5. Hand sew opening together.
  6. To attach cape, hand sew onto the top of the plush body. The length of the cape should be facing forward. The stitches will be hidden by the chocolate pipe.
  7. To make chocolate pipe: cut out a 6x10cm rectangle of white felt. Roll this up into a pipe 6cm wide and secure with stitches. Cut out a 13x1cm strip of brown felt and wrap this around the white pipe in a spiral. Secure with stitches.
  8. Sew chocolate pipe onto the head of plush body.
  9. Ta-da! Roll cake man complete!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. And if you do make a SRC-man please, please show me or upload it on Facebook! I’d love to eventually have a page full of fan-made SRC-man plushies :).



  1. I can’t sew to save my life but, I’m saving this pattern and will ask my friend to make one for me XD Thanks! So cute btw!

    • Oh Rui he’s really not hard to make… maybe he’ll ease you into sewing and guard you on your journey XD?

  2. awww thankyou! I think I’m going to make one sometime! (can’t this week ’cause I’m busy as hell with school ugh)

      • Ugh good luck with school! And that would be so epic, i’d love an army of mini Super Rollcake Men lead by the big one I have :).

  3. Why oh why i haven’t seen a notice on my blog about your new post? Uhh bloody Blogger… I’m glad that you feel better now :) And thank you for the instructions how to make roll cake man! So cute! :)

    • Sorry Mini Mo, i’ve been having issues with too! The dashboard hasn’t been showing up properly but it’s finally good now :). I hope you make one, do show me if you do :P.

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