Clay Banana Slice Tutorial

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Banana slices, not painted yet.

Hey everyone, recently I noticed that when I post a new post my page view stats go way up so I can only assume I have quite a few regular readers… come on, say hi! I’d love to get to know you, leave a comment or add me on twitter, i’d love to talk to you and get to know you if you don’t mind :).  I promise I don’t bite!

I’m also feeling much better, i’ve got two bakery shelves done for my market stall, and i’ve got some makeshift business cards done. I’d say i’m about 50% there now, i’ve just got to make a bit more items, then deal with all the annoying financial business stuff with opening a market stall. Plus I have to wait for a large shipment of jewellery findings to arrive from overseas anyway, so I can’t do anything right now :(.

Anyway i’ve finally got that banana slice tutorial up, once again this was made by air dry clay for me, but don’t worry polymer clay users, this one’s easy for you guys!

Start with a thin sausage. If you’re using polymer clay, use a white plus a bit of yellow, and maybe a tiny dab of brown. Add these in tiny amounts, bananas are quite pale so you don’t want to go overboard.  Mix this, then about a quarter of translucent clay. If you’re using air dry, colour with a small dab of yellow ochre.

Using a thin tool, i’ve got a clay knife thingy but you could use a credit card, roll the sausage around with the card until you get these sorts of indents all around the banana. Just press lightly and roll the clay with your card and if you don’t care too much about how it’s rolling, it should make these marks all over the sausage.

This is what you want want in the end.

Slice the banana diagonally. If you’re having trouble slicing without distorting the shape of the clay, let it harden a bit before you slice. For polymer clay put the the banana in the fridge for an hour or so before slicing and then bake. For air dry clay let dry overnight before slicing. Make sure to use a very sharp blade for this, I find that an exacto knife is best for this.

When you’ve cut up your individual slices, paint them with yellow ochre clay with a toothpick. And you’re done! This is another one of those things where I sit down and make a million of so I have them ready, but I got lazy and haven’t painted my bananas as you can see :).



    • LOL yes. Yes I did. I never proofread! Thanks so much for commenting by the way, and doing my proofreading job for me haha!

  1. Oh thank you for a new tutorial! And I’m a regular reader! hahaha!
    But anyway. I made some bannanas slices but i didn’t think to slice them a bit with sharp tool. Need to remeber about it next time :) Those dots inside made me really mad one evening. I wasnt sure how many I should paint and I thought that my slices didnt look realistic :(

    • Hehe thanks for being a regular reader :). It’s so hard to get the dots right I know, maybe you should paint them near a computer where you can see a real banana? I have seen some really, really realistic deco bananas but I just can’t be bothered, I just draw the seeds in and I think it’s good enough. I think, just three dots in a ‘triangle’ near the middle is about right :).

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  3. cherryfloss says

    I consider myself a regular follower of your blog, but I sometimes do not comment ^^; It’s a habit I’m trying to kick eventually, hehe.

    Thanks for the banana tutorial! I’ll keep it in mind once I get around to stockpiling little fruits and whatnot; I don’t really eat bananas even though there’s always some in the fruit bowl so it’s good to have this sort of reference :P

    I’d love to know how it goes with your market stall business! *v* There’s a farmer’s market in my town that has an arts and crafts section… I’d like to try selling deco there but you have to pay $25 flat regardless of how much you sell or don’t (unlike with produce which is 8% of your profit) :(
    I’m sure you’ll do great; you have lots of great ideas like those cute little shelves n____n!!

    • Hehehe thanks so much for following my blog! You don’t have to comment every time, i’m really lazy with commenting too! I’m just curious to see if there are some people out there who have never commented before… I just want to get to know everyone :). I hate eating bananas, I hate their mushy texture! Markets are very expensive! For me the market I am going to sell at is a $45 flat rate, and that’s one of the cheaper markets. The other one I am thinking about selling in is something like $70 all up, there are many costs involved in that one! I think I can make it back… fingers crossed :). Thank you for the nice comments!

  4. Neat! I have been wondering how to do banana canes. Your method seems easy :D Painting the seeds after cutting instead of making them a part of the cane!

  5. *waves* hello! I’m a regular reader :3

    Thanks for another great tutorial, you always make me want to go make stuff but I have no room to do any crafting at the moment :(

    And glad you are feeling better and good luck with you’re stall, I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it goes, the little bakery cabinet display in the last post were so cute!

    • AH Beccy! I’m so sorry i’ve completely forgotten about my promise for more toycam pics! Forgive me please? I haven’t been taking many photos anyway, especially with my Holga :(. Thanks so much for following my blog, and I understand how you feel! I’m lucky right now that i’m busy because of crafting, but this isn’t going to last when I have to get back to uni :(. Hehe thanks so much for saying the bakery displays are cute, and I hope my stall is a success!

  6. *herro* I’m a regular reader too, I comment occasionally but I’m always looking forward to new posts! I also have seen you on Decoden, on livejournal n on there i’m misszoeyf not laura =.=;

    What kind of clay did you use in this specific tutorial? I have delight clay that’s air dry and I prefer it to the polymer but I can’t imagine doing this with it! But I’m inexperienced too haha. Also your finished clay does not look at all the same texture as mine =.=;

    Thanks for the tutorial though, glad you’re feeling better! Good luck at your market!

    • Hey Laura, thanks so much for reading my blog! I’ve seen you on decoden, I know because the email and your username are the same :). Thanks so much for following me on LJ too… sort of… I don’t post there much because my stuff isn’t technically ‘sweets deco’, so I feel naughty!

      I used Grace resin clay. Resin clay is air dry but it dries very hard, like plastic, and Grace brand dries translucent. I haven’t used delight clay before but I think it’s paper clay, like the texture is very light and airy and fibery, even when it dries? I’ll do a post with different types of clay, it’s hard to explain without pictures but to make fruits, i’d definitely suggest resin clay or polymer clay, because the papery texture just doesn’t look right for fruits, plus you need the translucency because fruits are very rarely completely opaque.

      Thanks so much for the kind comments, and I hope I do well at my market too :).

    • Great idea! I don’t mind at all! I kind of wanted to make a livejournal community or something similar for sweets deco and stuff because its so hard to find people with similar interests right now :(.

  7. Yes, it’s exactly like paper clay! :3 I will be looking forward to the clay post, I try to gather as much knowledge as possible haha =.=;

  8. Jessie says

    I love your tutorials I’m new to deco but your tutorials are the best I have seen I greatly enjoy them… Thank you :-D

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