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Edit: this is not the ‘normal’ way of doing strawberry slices. Painting air dry clay is common in Japanese deco books and sites, but with polymer clay this is not how you’re really supposed to do it. With polymer clay you are supposed to make a cane and slice strawberries off it. Here is a thread with many links on different ways to do the cane. Personally, I have failed at every attempt to make one and instead of wasting more clay, I decided to find an alternative way.

Guys, I was just reading one of my favourite sweets deco blogs and found that they had written a strawberry slice tutorial today pretty much identical to the way I do it. It’s here.

The general premise is that you make a long sausage out of your clay and then shape it into a long triangle shape. Then paint the outside of the cane with red acrylic paint. After that, slice the cane into small slices, and then using really diluted red acrylic paint, paint the outer edges of the slice red like a strawberry.

Some notes about doing strawberry slices this way:

  • This uses air dry clay, which is what I use also to make my strawberry slices. After years of failing horribly at making polymer strawberry canes, I gave up. The air dry clay I use for this is a Japanese brand called ‘Grace’ which dries translucent. It seems that she is using Modena clay, which I personally haven’t tried yet.
  • She, being an incredibly patient person, actually bothers to make the white ‘veins’ inside the slices. I’ve read over and over again as to how she did it, and she just says that she used a ‘fine point brush to draw lines from the outside to the inside’, but I don’t know whether with paint, or water, or while the paint is still drying? I’m sorry, but I personally don’t do it so I have no idea how you could do it.
  • I don’t bother to poke seeds on the outside either.
  • If you want to do this with polymer clay you’d have to work very fast. Since you can’t bake acrylic paint you’d have to bake a long sausage of translucent clay first, then quickly while it’s still somewhat soft out of the over paint the outside red and slice while still sort of soft.

Anyway I hope this helped, any questions please ask me :). I’m sorry I didn’t make a proper tutorial for this, the reason is because I really hate making them, and I also wanted to plug a favourite website of mine. I’m sorry.



  1. Perhaps she used watercolor as the paint, but I don’t know if that type of material would take watercolor, marker maybe? or a thinned acrylic?

    Those a beautiful strawberries, very laborious, but I would be willing to go through it just to have such dazzling berries for deco.

    • I was actually thinking a thin brush saturated with water might work, but personally I can’t be bothered going through doing the veins! They are annoying though, that’s why I kept avoiding them :(.

  2. Hmm I actualy didn’t think it will require painting the strawberry slices. Very interesting :) I will try it out, but with polymer clay as i dont have any air dry clay :( may i ask why did you give up with polymer clay?

    • I just don’t like baking lol! Nah I gave up with polymer clay for strawberry slices because it was just way too hard. Google ‘polymer strawberry cane tutorial’ and try it out if you want, but I personally couldn’t ever successfully make one, so I had to resort to painting my own slices.

      • Ive already tried it but it just looked horrible! :D Im just wondering if i could make it similar way with polymer clay. I just dont know if i could bake it after painting it with acrylic paint on the oustside. I will try it and will tell you if i burnt my kitchen down! :D

      • I really, really can’t help with polymer clay, i’m so sorry! I’ve failed at every attempt at caning, and it’s only because of that that I would hand paint individual slices! Otherwise it would be so much easier to just make a big cane and cut slices off instead of painting each one :(. I’m pretty sure you cannot bake acrylic paint, it will bubble I think.

      • cherryfloss says

        Mini Mo, you could paint it after you baked it ^^ I used to paint charms with regular acrylic paint and it works like a… charm. /pun fail
        I dunno if watercolours would work with it though like it appears in the tutorial; air dry clay would absorb the water leaving the pigment but I think on polymer clay it’ll probably run off. :S

      • Thanks so much cherryfloss, I didn’t even think of the watercolour on polymer clay thing by the way!

      • Hello again! :) I would like to show you my strawberry slices I made with this tutorial, just using a polymer clay :) It worked, just it took some time to paint it, but i think it would take the same time painting air dry clay :)

      • You should just type each word out in a separate comment so I look really popular :P. Anyway they look incredible! And i’m glad your oven didn’t blow up hehe.

  3. Karen says

    Could you tell us how she makes the outside. I used a translator but its really hard to to understand how she makes the seeds. Thanks ^^

    • You literally paint the outside with red paint. Like you make a sausage of clay, and then you use red paint to paint the outside of it. It probably sounds a little bit weird painting clay but that’s how its done :).

  4. Great tut on the strawberry slices. I recently tried my hand at making strawberries, and I just kind of failed. This is interesting though. I will try it out someday.

    I’ve seen a lot of Japanese using Modena, because it’s slightly cheaper than Grace. It dries translucent too. But personally I would prefer Grace to Modena.

    • Hmm I didn’t know that Modena is translucent… i’ll try sometime. Sigh, a large chunk of my Grace dried out because I didn’t notice a big hole in the cling wrap that I put it in! Stupid me, and that was the one time I got lazy and decided not to wrap it in three layers :(.

      I hate strawberry slices lol! This way is much less fail but super tedious, but ah well, I need slices someway or another!

      • Oh no! You really need to take a very Japanese stance on this! In other words, unneccesarily wrap absolutely everything in at least double the necessary amount of cling wrap. And then in several bags. And then in one or two boxes.

  5. hi!!i’m a regular reader of your blog ^^ but because running out of time, i almost never comment at all of blogs that i read -_-”

    me also prefer using air dry clay, the type that i used now are Grace and handmade cold porcelain. tough i have kato polymer clay, i gave up work with it because i never get a good color and my hand hurt when conditioning :( plus i hate the bake section…..

    i really want to try her method, tough i doubt that i can paint as well as her…

    perhaps i would show you my strawberry later :)

    • Hello Novi, thanks so much for being a regular reader :). The reason why I gave up polymer clay was because of conditioning as well, once my thumbs hurt so much that I couldn’t craft for a whole week… so I decided I had to do something new. I would love to see your strawberries, and i’m not good at painting either but I can do them :).

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