Clay ribbon bow tutorial

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A finished bow!

Finally granting someone’s wish for a bow tute :). I love bows, but I hate making them! They’re really fiddly and hard to get right, but they look really good and they’re beautiful on items. There are lots of different ways to make bows, in fact I used to make them differently and you might see that they look a bit different on my older items. I wasn’t very happy with my old bows, so I modified the way I make them, but in doing so i’ve made it even harder for myself!

Anyway, my with my rant about bow-making over, let’s move on to the tutorial:

Start by rolling a long sausage of clay flat.

Cut away the sides so you get a long rectangle. Ignore the smaller piece, that was a mistake. Keep the bits you cut away for later.

Fold the ends in towards the center.

And now to get frustrated! Somehow, very gently, fold the center part inwards in half but not the ends. There is no easy way to do this, you just have to try to be extra gentle!

Roll out a very thin, flat length of clay.

And wrap it around the center of your bow. You could get the end of a pencil or something (one that won’t dirty your clay) and poke the fold part to accentuate the folds. Personally I think this bow is not folded enough in the middle but this was my third attempt, and I couldn’t fold it without screwing up. I’m sorry guys :(. There are alternate ways to make bows if you searched on Google, but I found that way equally difficult. Good luck :).



  1. They seem like they’d be easy ..but I doubt they would be T-T” ! I still envy your talent <3 <3 :D

  2. thankyou! lovely bow ^^ I made one with salt dough and it went rather easy (but it was also bigger than this one :) )

    • Yeah the smaller they get, the harder they are to make! Unfortunately I love really love the small ones :(.

  3. natania says

    I luv your clay things!!!=] I am only 15 but ive been using clay since i was like 9 and so u hve given me plenty of new ideas, thanx:)
    Could you make a tutorial on a double layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting??
    I know its a bit much much….just curious, but if your busy its okay.

    • I’m so sorry about the late reply to all your comments Natania, but thank you so, so much for commenting on my blog! I’m glad you find my blog interesting :).

      Mmmm I probably couldn’t do your tutorial completely because I am really, really bad at cake, but I could do a tutorial on how to do chocolate frosting individually if that would help?

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