Chocolate Chip and Donut Eyepins tutorial

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These two were requested tutorials while I was away. I put these two together because neither is a ‘finished’ item if you know what I mean, I feel like they’re more like tips and techniques than a tutorial. So, really i’ve got two mini tutes for you today and I hope they help you in some way!

Also, i’ve decided to watermark my photos as a precaution. Nothing’s happened yet to me so far (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc etc) but I just thought I should take precaution instead of relying on luck :).

Chocolate Chips

Start by colouring a bit of air dry clay chocolate brown. You could just start off using brown polymer clay but I find air dry clay to look a bit more realistic.

Roll your clay out into very thin sausages.

Let the sausage dry for about an hour or so. Then chop uneven little pieces from the sausage. To use the choc chips, just roll or poke them into your cookie or ice cream, etc.

Note: I don’t know if you can bake air dry clay. My initial reaction is… maybe, but I am not sure at all. So, if you are going to make an item out of polymer clay that needs to be baked and you can’t attach your choc chips by glue, I suggest making polymer clay choc chips. They won’t look as realistic but at least you can bake them with your item without worry :).

Inserting eyepins into donuts

To tell you the truth i’m sure there is an easier way out there. The way I do it is really fiddly, but so far I haven’t been able to come up with a better way so i’ll show you the stupid way that I put eyepins into donuts for now :).

First, put your eyepin on top of the donut. You want to trim the pin so that the end only just sticks out of the middle hole, around where the red mark is in the photo.

Using pliers, slightly bend the trimmed eyepin.

This is the part that gets fiddly, and I don’t even have a photo for it. Very carefully insert the bend eyepin into the donut. Try to keep the hole as small as possible while you’re doing this, because the whole point of doing this is so that after baking, because the wire is bent, the wire should technically not be able to come out very easily because of the fact that it’s bent. Of course the bigger the bend the more secure it will be, but it will also be harder to insert. Try your best and prepare to be frustrated :).

I hope these have helped, now i’m off to write more in my travel guide :).



  1. The donut eyepin tip is really godsent. I always cut my eyepins very short and stick them into my donuts, but they drop off very quickly >.<;;

    You can't bake air-dry clay; it will burst.

    • Ahhhhhhh damn. I was hoping you could, choc chips just don’t look right with polymer clay. And i’m glad I helped you!

  2. I like to just bend the very very top of the eyepin, and then insert it into the donut in a slant. Its easier than fiddling with a bent eyepin, for me =)

  3. I had some trouble with those eyepins too, or they were to short or to long which made me cute them again and led to falling donuts and macaroons :(

    • Aww, i’m glad this helped :). It’s still a little hard to do though, so don’t get too excited haha.

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