Sweets deco tute part 5 – putting it all together

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I’m so sorry about the camera issue… it wasn’t really a technical issue, I just couldn’t find my charger haha… but i’ve found it now, so i’m back! So I said berries were up next on this sweets deco tute but I just remembered that I already have a tute for strawberries and blueberries. So i’ve updated the existing one here with an additional raspberry tute. Therefore today’s tutorial is actually the final one: how to put it all together :). Yay!

Today i’m going to decorate the top part of this travel brush. There are really four main steps in sweets deco: making your parts, planning the layout of the sweets, putting adhesive on the item and adding your parts on top.

First we need to work out where everything is going to go. I’ve put polymer clay in a colour I don’t use over the top to stick my items in to see what they look like. If you have something like Blu-tack (I think it’s called Elmer’s Tack in the US) that will work a lot better because it actually sticks, I just couldn’t find any at home right now.

So just put your items on in all sorts of ways until you’re happy with it. You might want to consider the practicality of your item though. For example my wafer looks pretty good sticking out like that but it’s likely to break off when I brush my hair, so i’m going to consider moving that.

Now it’s time to put some type of adhesive to keep your parts on your item. For us it’s going to be a modelling paste/impasto mix. You can read more about this here. I am just adding impasto to my modelling paste to use it up, modelling paste itself is probably good enough, or modelling paste plus a bit of white acrylic paint to make it less thick. I find that modelling paste is a very strong adhesive on plastic as well, none of my items have broken or fallen off and the modelling paste itself has not peeled off my items either. Just keep in mind that if you use a cream made out of resin or air dry clay such as Grace whip clay it will peel off plastic.

So here i’ve got my modelling paste/impasto mix and I mixed until it was very smooth.

This is the piping tip i’m going to use. It’s got 8 bits (I don’t know what you call them). Fill up your piping bag and get your tip ready.

Test out your mix and do a bit of a practice run. If you’re as inconsistently bad as me at piping you really should do this before you put it on your item. Also, because i’m not very consistently good at piping, this is why I am not going to teach you guys how to do it sorry! If you search on youtube and online you’ll find a plethora of tutorials  – refer here for a starter on how to do a basic shell which is what I am going to do today.

Carefully pipe your cream onto your item… i’m pretty happy with mine today! Anyway put all your items on the way you wanted them too very carefully. Once it’s on it’s not coming off. The key word here is to work carefully!

Also get out your items for your finishing touches such as rhinestones, puff paints for chocolate sauce, or anything else you want to use and apply it. I’m only going to put chocolate sauce on today.

And tada! Finished item! Woohoo! Now very carefully move it out of the way to dry for a few days. And that’s the end of my sweets deco tute :). If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments and i’ll try my best to help. I don’t know everything though, but i’ll try to answer as much as possible :).



  1. very cute!! congrats for finished ! haha :D
    I need to learn a proper piping technique so I’m very grateful of the links! I can’t wait to try all of your tuts when I have vacation! thankyou ^^

    • Yay so glad I finished too! Piping requires heaps of practice so practice on plastic or something so you can scrape it all off and put it back in a jar, that way you don’t waste it :).

  2. That is very cute and sweet! I am very bad at piping too =__= Though I have only piped with air dry clay before, which is pretty stiff! You did a good job though ^u^b I love it!

    • Haha thank you! I was like ‘need to show this to people online… must… make… it… neat!’

      • Tell me how it goes after, i’ve never tried either. I tried mixing air dry clay with water to pipe but that wasn’t very sucessful.

  3. talamaska says

    to be grateful to you for your knowledge. to share it with the rest. do not change. I love your work

  4. Vanai says

    Hi, I’m interested in making mini clay food but don’t know what materials to buy and where to find them in Brisbane. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help ^^

    • Hello, thanks for coming to my blog!

      Well firstly you’ll need polymer clay obviously, you can get Fimo at Lincraft and Riot art stores, Sculpey III at Spotlight. I suggest Fimo, it’s quite a hard clay but that’s better sometimes because it holds detail better.

      As for tools you’ll need a good cutting blade (stanley knife/exacto knife will do – can get them at all art stores) and a rolling pin (any will do). You’ll also need one yellow ochre coloured powder pastel (you could get that at Eckersleys or Riot in singles) and a small paintbrush. I think those are the only things you actually need to buy, other things you could probably find in the house like toothpicks, toothbrushes, etc.

      This is all you really need to get started, but you’ll find that there is so much more stuff to buy as you go on.

      If you have any other questions, ask away :).

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  6. Um what was that chocolate sauce you used? Im getting into this whole deco process thing and thanks to you its becoming a lot easier XP i didnt know what i was doing earlier! LOL So yeahh :) I actually have a deviant art too XP i was just searching online how to make those cute dollops of whipped cream to put on rings and stuff with sillicone cause i was having trouble doing that but i found this in the process lol and i saw the pic on the side for the etsy thing and i was like ‘Hey, I saw that before and commented on it’ lol :)

    • I’m glad you found this useful! Haha unfortunately I have been neglecting my blog and my deviant art… it’s terrible and I feel terrible for it, need to get back to it soon!

      As for the chocolate sauce… I used a dark brown puff paint but I think if you put acrylic paint in a squeeze bottle with a fine tip it would work too. Or use paints that are made for glass painting, like fake stained glass. As long as it’s in a squeeze bottle with a fine tip it should be fine. Please ask me if I haven’t made it clear enough!

  7. Toyo says

    >u< I'm so happy I found out about your website~
    I was looking all over google for whip cream (for deco) and how to make it; what kind of stuff to use (since I heared silicon is pretty toxic, which made me worry…).
    Anyways, thanks for posting this tutorial!! :D
    And I love your amazingly adorable miniatures.

    • I’m so sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for the kind compliments! I’m glad you like my items, thank you so much for leaving a comment :).

  8. Star says

    Hi! I love your tutorials, they are so inspiring!! I have never done deco before and am wanting to start. Im just wondering though, with the whipped cream…you said something like grace whip clay peels off plastic, is there any other brands that aren’t toxic (cant use silicone as im pregnant) that stick to plastic? I would opt for modelling paste but I notice you said it takes 2 weeks to dry eek! Im looking for something that takes a few days if possible lol.

    Many thanks! :)

    • I’m really sorry I don’t think there is anything like that… I only know of silicone and modelling paste :(. I’m very sorry!

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