Sweets deco tute part 4 – Biscuits and Stick Wafers

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Sorry i’ve been a bit late with this one… I got my med exam results and they’re not good. Not bad… but not good. My mark is very borderline, so I might get in or I might not, there’s no way for me to know whether i’ve made it or not until later this year.  So i’m a little upset about this, it’s a bit devastating after all the work you put in. It’s taken a lot out of me and right now i’m not in the mood to do anything else including deco. Moooo. Ah well, i’ll get over it eventually. Today’s tute is on biscuits and wafers. I realised that when I wrote ‘wafers’ I was kind of ambiguous… I’m sorry if anyone was expecting a cream sandwich wafer as opposed to a stick wafer!

Anyway onto the tute:

To mix dough coloured air dry clay, mix some yellow ochre paint with white clay.

Roll out your dough. At this point you can just use a cookie cutter and cut your pieces out. This is very easy. If you do not want to invest in a cookie cutter then read on.

Using a long thin blade, cut a rectangle. You could try to cut a circle but I think it’s too hard :0.

Using the fat middle part of the toothpick make small equal indentations all around the cookie.

Using a hard-bristled toothbrush, press down on the cookie to make the crumbly cookie texture. Then get a toothpick and poke holes in the cookie, just note that holes in biscuits are usually uniform, not random.

Then brown your biscuit and then you’re done!

To make the wafer you need to have a ball of yellow ochre dough ready and a ball of chocolate brown dough. To make chocolate brown dough, you need a LOT of brown pastel shavings (much more than shown in the picture) and some water. Knead and mix until it’s brown… it’ll take a looong time.

It took me three songs before I finally mixed it to a good brown colour. To save money i’m always adamant on mixing my own colours when I can, but after doing this i’m pretty certain that brown air dry clay is probably a worthy investment haha. Dum dee dum.

Now that you’ve FINALLY got your brown clay mixed, roll the two clays out in thin sausages. If it keeps breaking just add water to your clay, mix and then try again.

Now you want to grab  your clay on both ends with your fingertips and twist in opposite directions. What you should get are the two pieces spiraled around each other. When you’re happy with how spiral-y they are, roll like you would for a clay sausage.

Cut your wafer to whatever length you desire.

Next up: how to put it all together.



  1. Your tutorials are always so well set out and helpful ^_^ I’m so sorry your exams didn’t go as well as you hoped, I really hope everything turns out alright *hugs*

    • Awww I heartily accept your hug. Boy do I need one right now. But thanks for finding my tutorials helpful :). The pictures are terrible lol, for some reason I only accept to work in vampire hours of the night when there is very little natural sunlight for pretty pictures. Everyone will just have to deal with it hehe.

  2. very cute, so you ad water to help colouring the clay… I might have to try that!!
    Hopefully you’ll be accepted!

    • I hope so too… sigh. And yep you add water so it doesn’t dry out… dry clay is hard to work with.

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