Sweets deco tute part 3 – Ice Cream

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It’s really, really cold right now and you can really feel that autumn is kind of saying goodbye and winter is peeking through. So i’m going to keep this ice cream tute short so I don’t freeze today from a combination of actual cold and cold imagery! When making ice cream, always use air dry clay or a very, very stiff clay. Soft clays simply won’t work.

This tutorial is for making the marbled ice creams like the first two in the first picture. Get your two colours and moosh them together. Don’t moosh too much or otherwise you’ll just end up mixing them together, try to moosh as little as possible.

Form your clay into a lump (this is, bizarrely, a time where my ‘lump of clay‘ tutorial might actually come in handy). It doesn’t really matter if it’s not smooth.

Grab your scoop and press down on the lump. Rip the remaining clay off the sides.

If you think there’s too much clay on the sides you can rip the sides off with your fingertips. I say rip, literally, because it leaves the rough edges around the ice cream.

Using something thing and flat, like a credit card or a blade or whatever, scrape across the ice cream. If you’re using a blade, be careful! Scraping at the surface of the ice cream gives it the rough smeared texture of ice cream.

If you don’t think scraping at your ice cream make it rough enough, you can cheat and use a toothbrush which is a lot easier anyway. I tend to use the toothbrush first and then lightly scrape at it.

Next up: cookies and wafers!



  1. those look good! with mine I make some cutmarks on them but no use of toothbrush. I’ll do that in the future!
    The one with the chunks of chocolate in (the 3rd one) do you just push them into the clay? (probably… stupid question….)

    • No not a stupid question at all, I used to wonder how to make chocolate chip ice cream! It probably would work if you did just push them in, but what I do is make a big batch of ‘chocolate chips’ and let them dry. Then I roll out my green clay, press some choc chips in and then make my lump. I do that because you want some ice cream to kind of cover your choc chips… I don’t know how to explain, but I think it’s more natural looking that way. I think it would look kind of artificial if you made the ice cream and then pushed the choc chips in, but that’s just me being picky :).

  2. Mmmm yummy! I’m taking a leaf out of your book this week and trying to use up all my sculpy supplies by making some yummy treats :D

    • Hehehe it should be a fun week then, I love doing this stuff! I’m trying to use up all my sculpey too, but it’s hard because I hate that stuff. It’s sooo soft and thank God it’s been super cold these nights, otherwise in hot weather sculpey is absolutely impossible to work with. Grr.

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