Sweets deco tute part 2 – colouring clay and macarons

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This is my premade stash of deco parts. Eventually i’ll probably teach you guys how to make everything from it, but for this series of tutorials i’ll teach macarons, ice cream, cookies, wafers and berries. In my opinion those are the most common parts used in sweets deco, and also the easiest. The difference between making sweets jewellery and parts for deco is that you want to keep it as simple as possible for deco. For one, you’ll be using so many parts that if you made each deco part as detailed as possible you’d be there for months! And the other thing is, sweets deco is a very over-the-top cute decor style, anything too realistic and detailed and it’ll just look odd. Anyway, today i’ll be teaching you how to make the macaron, which, in my opinion is one of the most basic parts of sweets deco.

First you have to colour your air dry clay. This is very easy, just take a small amount of your paint, dab it on, and mix! If you really hate getting paint on your fingers you could wear gloves, but I think it’s a waste. I just go wash my hands  continuously :). Use the paint in small amounts, it’s easier to add paint than to take it out. Another alternative to doing this is to get a blade and shave pastel bits into powder and mix it in the clay, but I find that unless you’re doing pastel colours where you don’t need much pastel, it dries the clay out badly. Also note, for dark colours like chocolate it’s probably easier to either paint it on after it dries or use the pastel method (keep water at hand so when your clay dries out you can dab a bit on). Paint sometimes looks brown but is actually green or pink or whatever when it’s lighter, and by the time you’ve added enough to your clay to make it brown it probably isn’t very clay like anymore. If you want to store your air dry clay just wrap it in some cling foil and keep it in an air tight container.

After you’ve mixed your clay with colour, roll out your clay to about half a centimeter thick. Grab a measuring spoon, the diameter of your measuring spoon is how big your macaron is going to be.

Press your scoop down like a cookie cutter on your dough. It won’t cut cleanly but that’s what you want. You need two for every one macaron.

Now you want to rip the clay around your macaron tops and bottoms away.

It should look like this after you’ve ripped the other clay away.

Using a toothbrush, press the rough edges towards the middle. See how in the circled part the rough edges are pushed in more than the other parts? Do this all around the macaron.

The left one is pressed in while the right one still needs to be done.

Now get out your modelling paste and piping set. Using a medium sized (small can also work) open star tip, pipe around and pull up. It doesn’t have to look perfect since you’ll be sandwiching the cream between two macaron halves anyway.

Put the second half of your macaron on top and voila, a macaron way easier than making the real one! Next up:  ice cream.



  1. Wow that is cute! And simpler than the way I made macarons XD
    I made a full scoop and then flattened it and then textured the feet. It made a puffier macaron, but also heavier and more work! I will try this method next time :) Thanks for the tut!

    • Hehe that’s ok, sometimes when i’m in the mood for a puffier, rounder macaron I just roll the clay out thicker. The scoop will naturally make a puffier macaron. I prefer my macarons flat though :).

  2. now I need some measuring cups! hihi :D
    I just shape them with my hands and roughen the sides with a toothpick
    yours looks better though :D

    • and I think I need something like you to keep them organized ’cause I have all my decothings in a old plastic cookiebox. (the ones with the american cookies in)

      • Oh if it works for you I think it should be ok, I mean i’m all for being thrifty and if I can find boxes that work instead of buying them then I think it’s always better. And thank you for saying my macarons look better haha! It’s been a long process of trial and error, macarons have been made so many times and everyone has different ways of doing it. This way is the easiest and works best for me :).

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  5. Chill says

    i love ur tutes lol^^ they helped me make a lot of stuff, especially the macaroons. I was looking on the sites you linked for inspiration,btw, and i was wondering how everyone was making the little mini jello? do you think you could put up a tute on that..if you know how it would be much appreciated!

    • Hello, thank you so much for your nice comments! I’m very glad I can help you out :).

      As for jello, i’m not very good at it yet so I am not confident enough to put up a tutorial yet. Plus I pretty much followed another person’s tutorial so I have no right to put one up myself! I only know how to make jello that isn’t transparent (that requires resin and I have no idea how to use it), and I followed this tutorial here: http://himakoronendo.blog24.fc2.com/blog-entry-154.html

      A rough translation is that they made 6 round balls of air dry clay, used a ruler and rolled it on a slant so that you end up with 6 pointy bits. In the 5th picture they dissolved some air dry clay with water to make a glue and glued the points together, then inserted a bit in the middle. On top they also smoothed some of the ‘glue’ to make a smooth surface, then they added brown ‘glass paint’ on the top for the sauce.

      You could use polymer clay if you have liquid sculpey on hand for the ‘glue’ part.

      Because my way of making jello is pretty much exactly the same as this and this is how I learnt, I don’t feel comfortable reposting the tutorial like I had come up with it myself :). Plus I find it very hard to do, about every 10 jello I try to make only 1 will turn out good! I’m very sorry, I hope this has helped you. If not just ask and i’ll try to help, but i’m not so good at making jello myself!

  6. Catherine says

    I love your blog and all of your tutorials but the paper clay I’m using doesn’t seem to mix with acrylic and pastels. When I try it looks like the color “comes off” the more I rub it in the clay. Oh well try a different brand maybe?

    Anyways, keep up the amazing work! :D

    • Thank you so much! I’m sorry it’s not working for you, I really have no idea why, i’ve never had that issue. What brand are you using? I would imagine it is the clay, not the paints…

      • Catherine says

        I’m pretty sure it’s the clay also. I’m using a chinese brand that my cousin recommended to me but that’s okay I’ll try using the brands you’ve done reviews on.

        Happy Christmas!

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